Berglund Payton Group Introduces Emerging Markets Diversified Assets Fund

Jerome Pinwick and Ashley Lao-Ming to manage the company’s new emerging markets fund.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., January 22, 2016 --( Berglund Payton Group, the international asset management and investment company, has announced today the introduction of the Berglund Payton Group Emerging Markets Diversified Assets Fund. The fund draws from the company’s solid range of emerging markets strategies and makes use of its expertise in equities as well as fixed income.

The Fund seeks to invest in a broad range of opportunities within emerging market countries, such as corporate bonds, equities and also local currency debt. At the same time the Fund is anticipated to adopt an extensively diversified approach and will actively adapt the weightings between both debt and equity.

The Fund is managed by Jerome Pinwick and Ashley Lao-Ming, who also manage the Berglund Payton Group Global Opportunities Fund.

“It’s rather difficult to find more experienced and knowledgeable emerging markets managers than Jerome and Ashley. In terms of both debt and equity they have established an impressive track record that sets them apart here at Berglund Payton Group. The most attractive aspect of this new Fund is that it offers our investors a unique manner to get the necessary exposure to a rapidly developing and highly diverse asset class,” said Randall Henley, Chief Investment Officer at Berglund Payton Group.

“This Fund will enable our clients to take advantage of investment opportunities across most of the emerging markets balance sheets,” said Mr. Pinwick. “The capacity to actively adapt the blend of equity and debt, while focusing on the best ideas of both asset categories, will allow clients to take part in all of the stages of the development process.”

“With this Fund we will aim to benefit from the improved development and balance sheet dynamics within emerging markets by leveraging a similar total return strategy that has been used to manage the Berglund Payton Group Global Opportunities Fund,” said Mrs. Lao-Ming. “The latest market sell-off has produced considerable mispricing in emerging markets which, from our perspective, strengthens an already existing investment opportunity over the long-term.”

The Berglund Payton Group Emerging Markets Diversified Assets Fund is anticipated to invest across 23 emerging markets countries, including a wide spectrum of frontier markets.

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