Bravo Productions, an Award-Winning Event Planning & Production Company, Specializing in Staging Events Nationwide Provides Tips for Hosting the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Greg Jenkins, partner of Bravo Productions, an award-winning Long Beach, Calif.-based event planning and production company with more than 25 years of industry experience staging events for corporate, association, government, military and non-profit clients nationwide, offers these 12 tips for hosting a perfect Super Bowl Party.

Long Beach, CA, January 22, 2016 --( With just a few weeks until Super Bowl 50 on February 7, many sports fans may think about hosting guests over for a Super Bowl party. If you hosted a Super Bowl party in the past and it flopped, there’s probably some anxiety about entertaining others again for this event. And if this is your first time – or perhaps – need to step up your game a bit for hosting this year’s party, you will want to this one to be an overwhelming success.

Greg Jenkins, partner of Bravo Productions, a Long Beach, Calif.-based event planning and production company with more than 25 years of industry experience staging events nationwide, offers these 12 tips for hosting a perfect Super Bowl Party:

1) Set the budget at what you can realistically afford to spend for the party. That will dictate how many people you can invite, feed, provide provisions, etc. The party cannot break the bank and must be affordable.

2) Shop early, use coupons and look for store discounts. You can probably find great deals on beer, peanuts, snacks, etc., if you give yourself enough time. Use apps that can provide you with the ability to find discounts and good bargains in your area. Last minute planning will always cost you more in the long run and make for a very stressful experience.

3) Make a list of who you want to invite and ask each of your guests to bring something for the party. You as the host can provide beer, wine, a big pot of chili, soup, make-your-own sandwiches, wraps, chips, etc., and have each guest bring one of their favorites such as that special guacamole dip, their famous mac & cheese, and an alcoholic beverage if that’s their preference. Pot lucks will extend your budget to provide other party provisions.

4) Make food that is easy and hearty -- and can feed a lot of people on a shoestring budget. You can serve homemade chili, a stew, homemade soups, hot dogs, smoked sausages on rolls, hero sandwiches, cole slaw, potato skins, pizza, etc. Chili, stews and soups can be made a day or two in advance. And make sure you have plenty of snacks (chips, pretzels, peanuts, dips, etc). This type of menu can usually be made rather inexpensively. Super Bowl Parties, like the holidays, are not the time where guests typically watch their waist lines. Forget the crudite/vegetable platter.

5) Encourage guests to wear sportswear (jerseys, sweatshirts, caps, etc.) – perhaps even supporting their favorite Super Bowl team. Guests in jerseys can add to your party decor -- 'human decor.' And use the half-time show as your entertainment.

6) Make sure you have a big screen HD television. Hosting several guests around a small television set will not provide them with a wonderful experience. And make sure you have ample seating for your guests, even if you have to provide floor pillows for added seating.

7) You will want to ensure your restroom(s) are adequate to accommodate all of your guests. More specifically, if you have one bathroom and have invited 40 guests, you can imagine the restroom will receive a lot of traffic. Think about options and make a plan that will not have guests standing down your hallway or have the need to jump into their car to use the restroom.

8) Provide disposable (paper) plates, cups, flatware, etc -- and purchase only what you need for this party. Make it inexpensive and easy on yourself. You can probably find Super Bowl team imprinted napkins and provisions online at a nominal cost or even better -- use your computer printer to create Super Bowl labels.

9) Think about setting up a Tailgate experience, serving beer and wine out of your garage, van, etc. It’s an easy do and helps add to the overall guest experience. And remember, the Super Bowl game and television commercials are the highlights and focal point of the party. As a host, you don't have to go overboard or spend a lot of money in trying to make guests feel entertained.

10) Use team pennants and flags to decorate the space. Decorate 6' - 8' long banquet tables with green Astroturf and use white tape to create football field markings. The Astroturf serves as your party linen. And guests are encouraged to sit at the table. How about using benches for seating, similar to those found on the football field for the players.

11) If you have a budget, you may think about providing inexpensive football helmets and pom poms to all the guests as party favors. You can find inexpensive paper/plastic helmets online or at a local party supply store.

12) And lastly, be prepared and ready when your guests are scheduled to arrive to the party. If you’re running behind schedule, the stress level may kick in, which is not the tone or vibe you want to start a party.
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Greg Jenkins, APR