DormCo Presents a New Line of Tusk Dorm Organization Packages

DormCo presents new dorm organization packages and ideas on how to keep a college room organized.

Buffalo, NY, January 24, 2016 --( College dorm rooms may not offer as much dorm room storage as a college student requires. The college student will have to pick and choose what to bring to college, however the dorm storage space a Residence Hall Room provides may require the college student to drastically reduce clothes and other college supplies that are needed even further. With the right dorm organizers, the college student can add plenty more dorm room storage space and prevent the student from drastically reducing the dorm items being brought to college.

With the right dorm organizers, the college student can maximize the amount of dorm room storage space without losing a lot of space for other dorm necessities. The key to doing this is investing in college supplies that maximize dorm room storage by using areas that aren’t typically used. Using vertical space instead of horizontal space, the area under the dorm bed, and the area over the door are all keys to maximizing dorm storage. DormCo presents new organization packages from the TUSK Dorm Organization line that will expand dorm storage while providing the college student with everything that is needed to do that.

Placing dorm totes and boxes on top of a college shelf or on a closet floor will add plenty more storage while keeping items organized. These totes are ideal for seasonal clothes, extra dorm blankets or Twin XL Sheet Sets, cooking supplies, and other items that don’t have a designated space. Within the TUSK Package line are 4-pack sets of these cubes and boxes to allow the college student to keep clothes or other college supplies divided and organized while completing dorm room décor with a color theme.

Maximizing closet space is important as that is an area the college student may find lacking. Within the TUSK dorm organization line are a variety of packages that allow the college student to bring considerably more clothing, shoes, and other accessories to college all in one package deal. From sweater shelves and hanging shoe shelves to under bed storage, and even laundry bags, these dorm organizer packs will allow the college student to better separate clothing items, especially if there are seasonal items that won’t be in use for a certain amount of time.

College dorm rooms may not provide enough dorm room storage, however with the right dorm essentials for dorm organization, the college student can keep what is brought to college clean and organized. With the selection of TUSK Dorm Organization Packages, the college student can complete a dorm room décor color theme while having everything that is needed for a cleaner, more organized dorm room.

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Nicole Horning