Fitness Reality Show That Can Make You Look Great in 2008

If getting fit and healthy is your goal for 2008 then you need to watch Sierra Fitness Challenge. This 16-week program is designed to help three Reno/Sparks residents achieve their heath and fitness goals, and to inspire our community to do the same. The first episode is dedicated to the Nevada Diabetes Association.

Reno, NV, December 26, 2007 --( Brandi Boothe, Jocelyn Ann Messick and Azalea Gonzalez are the three participants of Sierra Fitness Challenge, a 16-week fitness reality show in Reno, Nevada.

Sierra Fitness Challenge started training and taping December 3 at Sports West Athletic Club. Videos are now readily available at, and

Brandi is now able to fit in her jeans that she wasn’t able to a year ago. Jocelyn and Azelea can feel their pants already falling off and we are only in our third week of training.

The training consists of 45 minutes muscle training and 45 minutes cardio with stretching before and after training. An easy to follow diet plan was also implemented to the program with a non-invasive accountability system in place.

This program was developed by Michael Seriosa a life long fitness fanatic, and also the 2004 Nevada State Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion. His mission for this program is to help the few and to inspire his community to do the same. His hope for his community is to inspire them and to show them how to accomplish good health.

This Realty Show will be broadcasting weekly in and cable channel 16. Viewers can interact with the participants, trainers and other viewers that are registered in the site. Registration is free.

If you want to be a part of the next episode of the Sierra Fitness Challenge please go to and complete the application form.

Sierra Fitness Talk is designed to build a Community of positive people; encouraging, motivating and helping one another into achieving their personal health and fitness goals.

Sierra Fitness Talk
Michael Seriosa