Healthy Splash Gives You the Low Down on Hand Sanitizers

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Boksburg, South Africa, January 29, 2016 --( You can find hand sanitizers on the shelves of every major retail outlet in South Africa. Some do nothing more than make your hands sticky, without actually killing germs, while others serve a far more effective cleaning purpose than soap.

So what should you be looking for in a hand sanitizer to ensure that you’re getting the real deal? Healthy Splash has a few handy tips and statistics to help you out and let you know more about proper hand care.

- According to public health agency studies, 80% of common infections can be spread through contaminated hands. Various organisations, include the World Health Organisation (WHO) stress that proper hand hygiene is an important first line defence against infection.
- One of the best defences is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which contains between 60 and 80 percent alcohol. WHO studies have found that alcohol-based hand sanitizer reduces bacterial levels to a much greater extent than soap and water. With 70% alcohol and a 99% germ kill rate, Healthy Splash’s hand sanitizer is recognised as one of the best on the market. Other alcohol-free hand sanitizers with ingredients like tea tree oil and thyme, may kill some germs but not enough for them to be good alternatives to an alcohol-based sanitizers.
- After you have used hand sanitizer, your hands tend to stay cleaner for far longer than if you were to use soap and water.
- Hand sanitizers are also easier on your skin, due to emollients that improve the skin’s overall condition.
- To make sure a hand sanitizer is effective, Healthy Splash suggests that you make sure that your hands are free of visible dirt and grime. Apply a palm-full of the product and rub vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds, making sure to distribute the sanitizer between your fingers, under your nails and jewellery, on your wrists and on the backs of each hand. Never rinse your hands with water or wipe them with a towel after using a hand sanitizer – this will counteract the effect of the product.

Healthy Splash Sanitizer is approved for use in hospitals and has South African Bureau of Standards accreditation. The product is available in sizes ranging from 30 mm sprays to 5 litre bottles. To purchase your Healthy Splash Sanitizer online, visit For more information, call 0861 106 693 or email
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