Beaten But Not Stirred Book Release

Beaten But Not Stirred (BBNS) is pleased to announce the release of its self-titled self-help/women’s issues book called “Beaten But Not Stirred: My Life, My Story, My Testimony” by author, activist, and owner of BBNS, Stephinie Johnson. BBNS is a voice for women of domestic violence. It is geared toward victims while teaching and encouraging them through godly messages and a 7-step plan. The planned pre-release date is set for 02/16/2016 with an official release date of 05/22/2016.

Indianapolis, IN, January 29, 2016 --( Deliverance from the pain of domestic violence is only a few pages away.

Victims of domestic violence are more prone to experiencing repeated relationship trauma, violence, and the lack of closure. What if there was a way to be completely free from this traumatizing hurt and suffering? Beaten But Not Stirred is a voice for all women, whether you are a victim of domestic violence or just ready to find what’s better.

Stephinie R. Johnson is an author and advocate for domestic violence. She has been working with groups of women in the fight against domestic violence for over three years and has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of others. Her selfless journey started because of her past experiences with domestic violence. Her desire is to share the tools she learned over the years with others so they too could be free to have a satisfying life after the victimization of domestic violence.

Stephinie created a blog and “Cause” page to help those in need. She has become a motivational speaker for teens and young adults helping them to identify signs, increase self-esteem, encourage growth, inspire intelligence, and set on a path of empowerment. She will be speaking at Wheeler Women Mission Center located at 3208 E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201 on February 24, 2016 from 6:00-7:00 PM.

Stephinie will release her new book titled Beaten But Not Stirred May 22, 2016 with advance orders available February 16, 2016. She has a plan to impact the community in ways to help more women see their worth and find independence. She provides a 7-Step process to deliverance that will walk women of all backgrounds through enlightenment, encouragement, and empowerment.
Beaten But Not Stirred
Stephinie R. Johnson