G.I. Adds Maastricht School of Management, PUCP-Lima to Client List

San Diego, CA, December 27, 2007 --(PR.com)-- General Informatics LLC has signed Maastricht School of Management (the Netherlands) and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru (Lima, Peru) as clients. G.I. will develop book series, conferences, and faculty training for these prestigious institutions of higher education.

General Informatics helps universities and other clients promote the ideas that originate within their organizations. “This advances the client’s prestige, influence, and brand,” says Fred Phillips, G.I.’s Managing Partner. “Reputable universities want to be seen as leaders in the crowded, competitive field of higher education – as ‘the place where ideas come from’ – yet few universities can afford the in-house marketing function that Harvard and a few others have built at great expense.”

When the ideas of faculty and students are well-promoted, Phillips explained, donors see a more visible return on endowments, the university can better attract and retain outstanding faculty and students, grantors view the university as influential and fundable, and the university is more visible to alumni.

While many brokers, incubators, and VCs help universities profit from their patentable advances, General Informatics helps universities capitalize on copyrightable expressions of ideas that can influence the public discourse, and that can lead – as the idea of “social networking” gave rise to e-businesses like Ryze and LinkedIn –to patentable intellectual property.

Winston Churchill remarked that “The emperor of the future is the emperor of ideas.” Decades later, venture capitalist Arthur Rock noted, “Good ideas are a dime a dozen.” General Informatics’ Fred Phillips comments that “Churchill and Rock knew that power flows from ideas – but not without a lot of help. G.I. is here to help.”

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