Site Launches First Three Action Plans on Self Love, Making Money, Inner Peace

Florida Startup releases first action plans from three new authors to guide people through big life events.

St. Pete Beach, FL, January 29, 2016 --( Semantic search expert George Everitt of St. Pete Beach got tired of “hunting elephants,” a term he uses to describe finding large companies who could buy his rare, high-end software. He sold his intellectual property in 2013 and promised his next venture would be for the masses. When a desire to improve his 20-year marriage sent him to Google, his idea to create life apps at was born. Six months later, the first three authors are published. Founder and CEO George Everitt announces the first three action plans posted are from Brian Patrick of Choice Within, Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs who wrote “Make Money with No Money,” and Karen Petersen, also known as SmashTank, of Heart, Body and Swole. In matters of love, money or peace, these are three step-by-step action plans that can change one’s life.

Brian Patrick, of Tampa, Fla., posted his “21 Days to Fall In Love with Yourself” plan to help readers gain the self confidence and respect they deserve so they can succeed in all areas of life. The action plan is free.

SmashTank, who saved her own life using yoga breathing techniques before being rear-ended by a truck, qualifies by living example to teach peace through yoga for any angst in life. This Daytona Beach yoga instructor's flow teaches each step in description, images and video. Even the beginner can be accomplished in a 20-minute daily yoga routine in a month. Her plan is offered at $19.99.

Arriving in the U.S. from Italy and Hungary respectively, Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs sought after and now live the American dream in Clearwater, Fla. They share their success in the “Make Money with No Money” plan on how to turn trash into cash. Their plan has detailed instructions and what they discovered as best practices in the reselling market. On a recent interview posted at they shared their white envelope secret to marketing. Their plan sells for $19.99.

AnActionPlan is a startup based out of St. Pete to guide people through life’s big events. For an interview with the principals or one of the authors, please call 202-292-PLAN (7526) or email

Photos Available:
AnActionPlan Founder & CEO George Everitt
Self-Love Author Brian Patrick of Tampa, Fla.

Clearwater Real Estate Investors Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs from Italy and Hungary respectively, wrote the action plan “Make Money with No Money.”

Action Hero Karen Petersen of Daytona Beach, Fla. lost 100 pounds doing roller derby and yoga. She wrote “Yogi’s Path to Peace,” a 31-day action plan for a beginner’s yoga flow.
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PR PDF: Site Launches First Three Action Plans

PR PDF: Site Launches First Three Action Plans

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