Black-Owned Hair Manufacturer to Appear at Renowned Black Hair Show

Philadelphia, PA, December 28, 2007 --( Hair Wars: one of the largest Black Hair Shows in the country. Stylists and “hair entertainers” from all around gather to show their most unique and outrageous hairstyles. Everything from floral arrangements to modes of transportation is sculpted from human and synthetic hair atop the models’ crowns. In 17 years of this touring competition, another first is on the horizon.

Jaguar Luxury™, an African American owned and operated hair manufacturer and distributor, will be in attendance at the Detroit show on January 20, 2008. Jaguar Luxury™ has been in existence for less than a year and is already making history. They manufacture Jaguar Luxury™ Remi Hair, a luxurious hair crafted by African Americans, for African Americans. Their product is designed to match the texture of black women’s hair. Jaguar Luxury™ is making waves (no pun intended) in the multi-billion dollar industry of black hair care, which is primarily dominated by Koreans.

Jaguar Luxury is the by-product of East West Beauty and Hair Group, LP; formerly East West Realty Group, LLC. A group of real estate professionals decided to explore alternate business options to protect themselves from the decline in the real estate market. Because of the domination of Koreans of the black hair market, and finding no other black manufacturer that has stood up to the plate, the men of East West formed a partnership to become a new Black Hair and Beauty manufacturer in the world.

It is the first time that people will be able to buy a product that is made specifically for black women by the black owned Hair and Beauty Company at an event that is culturally dominated by and designed for them. Hair Wars officially began in 1991, adding the 10-city tour in 1994. Now, Jaguar Luxury™ will be a part of the Hair Wars legacy, and its promising future.

East West Hair and Beauty Group, LP
Ceshia Holland