Christmas Aftermath – Tech Support Hell

Christmas shopping spree creates a spike in demand for technical support which can now be found by online volunteers.

San Mateo, CA, December 28, 2007 --( Christmas is typically the largest annual economic stimulus in many parts of the world. Sales increase dramatically especially in the consumer electronics industry.

Due to the growing complexity of new gadgets many find themselves frustrated with a new appliance they just can’t get to work and in their despair turn to the unresponsive support centers of the companies.

FixYa a tech support website powered by an army of volunteers offers an easy and instant alternative.

With over 5M visitors per month FixYa is the largest online tech support community website, providing help for over 500,000 consumer products from baby strolls to iPods and laptops.

“During post Christmas days we see a 50% increase in the number of visits to the site. It’s quite obvious that people are having a hard time figuring out how to operate their new gadgets and once experienced the poor support service provided by the companies, they seek help on the internet.” Says Yaniv Bar-Lev VP of user acquisition at FixYa. “The great thing about FixYa is that ordinary people as well as tech support personnel contribute their knowledge, time and energy to assist others. The advantage of our service is that it’s a people to people support so the language is clear and the instructions are easy to follow unlike users manuals which are very technical and not actually written for the ordinary consumer.”

It looks like the online revolution came just in time to help us cope with the complicated line of new gadgets. FixYa’s service is free of charge but for those seeking a guaranteed solution there’s also the option of buying assistance by either chat or mail.

About is the new leader in tech support services. Fixya offers an online tech support community where experts and consumers meet to solve their appliance and gadgets technical problems.

After recruiting initial funding from a group of private investors in 2005, Fixya raised VC capital. The company is rapidly growing and now employs 30 personnel and has offices in Tel-Aviv Israel and San Mateo California.

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Yaniv Bar-Lev
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