“Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite” - Bedbug Bites are the #1 Viewed Medical Image of 2007

VisualDx visual diagnostic support software reports top diseases viewed are bites and MRSA related ailments.

Rochester, NY, December 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Logical Images, the creator of VisualDx diagnostic support software, announces that the most frequently viewed image of 2007 among medical professionals using the software was Bedbug Bites. VisualDx is the most widely used software of its kind. The system, developed for clinicians to aid in delivering a more accurate diagnosis by improving disease recognition, drew a total of over 1.2 million images viewed through 2007 from its over 600 installations across the US and internationally. With bedbug bites leading the list and MRSA related ailments including Folliculitis (#3), Impetigo (#4), and Arthropod Bites/Stings (#5) rounding out the top 5, 2007 truly was a big year in skin.

“At the start of 2007, the resurgence of bedbugs drove top media coverage of this ancient pest that some only know of thanks to a nursery rhyme. Later in the year, MRSA made headlines as the superbug that antibiotics couldn’t cure. With these concerns prompting a surge in emergency room visits, it is no surprise that our top images viewed for the year were driven by these events,” said Art Papier, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Logical Images.

While Bedbugs are not known to spread disease to humans, they are a formidable pest problem that has resurfaced primarily due to increased world travel and changing pest control practices. Symptoms of Bedbug Bites usually affect just the surface of the skin as small and itchy red bumps but with such a non-distinctive bite mark, it may be mistaken for several other disease carrying insect bites such as mosquitoes, fleas, or mites. Also, there are many other causes of skin irritation and infection that may be confused with insect bites. MRSA skin infections are one such skin problem. Sometimes difficult to identify, MRSA skin infections have frequently been mistaken for spider-bites.

With over 15% of doctor’s visits prompted by skin complaints and the increasing complexity and similarities of common disease presentation, clinicians need to have readily accessible and up-to-date tools that aid in recognition and identification. Resources such as VisualDx can help clinicians make the correct diagnosis the first time; ensuring appropriate treatment is initiated as quickly as possible.

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