Patent on Debit and Stored Value Cards Granted to Unlimited Diversity, Inc.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has sent a Notice of Allowance to Enrique Pallares, President of the company. Debit and Stored Value Cards offering ancillary services such as: Roadside Assistance, Medical Services, Legal Counseling, Term Life, among others; are intellectual property of Unlimited Diversity, Inc.

Wellington, FL, December 26, 2007 --( Unlimited Diversity Inc. announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a unique patent that gives intellectual property on all debit and stored value cards that feature ancillary services and twin card systems that enables cards to be linked and share funds. This invention also talks about a secondary card being used as a remittance card.

The Notice of Allowance has been received and the process is in the Publishing Department of the US Patent and Trademark Office for immediate publication and number issuance.

The text of the patent allowances, granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office is:

“A system for operating a prepaid reloadable debit card comprising: providing a first prepaid reloadable debit card having a primary account to a primary card holder; providing a second prepaid reloadable debit card linked to the primary account of the primary card holder, wherein the second prepaid reloadable debit card is a remittance card; and providing ancillary services associated with the prepaid reloadable debit cards, wherein the ancillary services are selected from the group consisting essentially of roadside assistance, discounted medical services, discounted pharmaceuticals, legal counseling, term life insurance and combinations thereof.”

The patent was filed originally in 2004, and Unlimited Diversity, Inc. became an MSP (Member Service Provider) of one of the leading credit cards brands and one of its issuing banks.

We launched a unique program called PODER (, which is targeted to the unbanked Hispanic population, and its employers. Important media have spoken about PODER in the last couple of years, and developed an enormous interest for its concept and portfolio of services. Among them we can mention interviews in CNN (, Univision, Telemundo, among many important newspapers and TV networks throughout the US and overseas.

PODER came to the market loaded with benefits to its cardholders, and to mention some:

o Accidental Death for $10,000.
o Accidental Medical Coverage for $125 per day in the hospital.
o Free Legal Advice in Spanish about commercial, labor, traffic tickets, and immigration issues.
o Free Roadside Assistance in any vehicle that the PODER Card cardholder is traveling.
o Ability to receive their salary by “Direct Deposit” onto the PODER Card.
o Share money with family members and friends with a secondary PODER Card.
o Long Distance calling at special rates.
o Pre-Paid cellular services.
o Nurse Hotline on health issues.
o Bill Payment Services.
o Discounts on Pharmacies, Car Rental, Attractions among others.

“PODER will be issued by another bank in the upcoming weeks” says Enrique Pallares, president and founder of the company. “We are focused in developing relationships with financial institutions that can fully understand the concept of PODER, which by the way; in Spanish means “To be Able to”. “It is a very powerful brand for Spanish speaking individuals,” continues Pallares.

Additional information may be obtained by sending an e-mail to:

Unlimited Diversity, Inc.
Enrique Pallares