Free Book Entitled "Fund Your Freedom Overseas" is Up for Grabs at Panama Relocation Tours

Panama travel company, Panama Relocation Tours Inc., is pleased to announce that it is offering a free book entitled, “Fund Your Freedom Overseas.”

Dallas, TX, February 11, 2016 --( Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. announces a free book about living abroad. The free book entitled, “Fund Your Freedom Overseas,” discusses the various money making possibilities when moving to a different country.

“Fund Your Freedom Overseas is perfect for those who want to live abroad but don’t have a retirement pension, trust fund or Social Security,” says Panama Relocation Tours’ general manager and author of the book, Jackie Lange. “There are many people who are considering retirement offshore but they are hesitant to do so because they don’t know how to fund their lifestyle. My free book will teach you the many different ways to make money anywhere overseas.”

Fund Your Freedom Overseas teaches how to create portable income, how to make money even without getting a 9-5 job, how to double one’s retirement income by doing enjoyable things, how to turn a hobby into dollars, how to become a published author in less than 5 minutes and many more. The book also contains websites that post thousands of jobs every day.

To gain instant access to the book, one will simply need to provide his/her name and email on the box provided at the Panama Relocation Tours website. In addition to the free book, subscribers will also receive Jackie’s 8-part series about how to retire in Panama. Thus, the free book will lead to another bonus offer. Both are exclusively available at the Panama Relocation Tours website.

The author of Fund Your Freedom Overseas, Jackie Lange, is an American real estate investor who moved to Panama in 2010. Presently, Jackie is involved in real estate investor training and managing of the Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. Jackie’s Panama tour company is focused in providing tours that show what living in Panama is like. Her Panama relocation tours are geared towards people who want to retire in Panama and experience firsthand what it’s like to live in the country.

What inspired Jackie to write the book, Fund Your Freedom Overseas? “I meet people from all walks of life during my Panama relocation tours and I’ve seen a common concern in all of them. They want to move to Panama or any other country for that matter, but their huge concern is how to fund their lifestyle. This inspired me to write the book and share what I know about living overseas and the various different ways that one is able to fund his/her lifestyle.”

The free book, “Fund Your Freedom Overseas,” offers helpful tips about living in another country and having portable income. It is written by Jackie Lange, an American who uses portable income to fund her lifestyle in Panama. Interested parties may visit the Panama Relocation Tours website to avail the free book or email for details.

About Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is the brainchild of Jackie Lange, an American real estate entrepreneur who moved to Panama in 2010. The company was the proponent of the one of a kind Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning. Jackie fell in love with Panama’s inexpensive yet comfortable way of life. Now, she brings Panama Relocation Tours that are focused in showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. Jackie’s Panama tours offer an objective, informative view of real Panama living.
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