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We can reverse aging. Watch one man’s year long effort at Through 2007, Paul M. J. Suchecki, producer of “Reverse Aging Now,” adopted the principals of age reversal outlined in his feature length documentary. The dramatic photos and documented medical improvements speak for themselves. Mr. Suchecki lost 35 pounds, sliced 7 years off his biological age, and 25 minutes from his time in the Malibu Triathlon of 5 years before.

Venice, CA, December 29, 2007 --( These are concrete, verifiable anti-aging results – great news for America’s 76 million baby boomers. “Reverse Aging Now,” is television’s most comprehensive look at anti-aging medicine. It’s available on DVD from The documentary analyzes aging through the science of biochemistry, evolution, and genetics by two dozen scientists and doctors from America's foremost educational and medical institutions including:

• Harvard, Yale, Stanford and the University of California Medical Schools in Los Angeles and San Francisco;
• Cedars Sinai Medical Center
• The University of Southern California.

The participant list is a who’s who of diet and longevity researchers including Dr’s Nicholas Perricone, Dean Ornish, Barry Sears, Robert Atkins, Walter Willett, Roy Walford, Christiane Northrup, Caleb Finch and more. Inspirational seniors share their insights. Alternative medicine is also explored, separating hope from hype.

Distinguishing between biological and chronological age “Reverse Aging Now” defies preconceptions about human mental and physical limits. The documentary reveals specific lifestyle changes and cutting edge therapies that everyone can adopt to reverse the deterioration caused by aging to lead longer, healthier lives. “Reverse Aging Now” covers the traditional to the cutting edge. It travels to Okinawa to reveal the ancient anti-aging secrets of the world’s longest lived people. At Advanced Cell Technology it looks at human embryo cloning, a technique that could create replacement organs lasting 200 years.

The DVD includes an Interactive Longevity Workbook with more than 100 pages of supplemental material for viewers to track their progress. The disc also features several bonus videos on diet, exercise, skin, and vision care.

“Reverse Aging Now” is presented by Checkmate Pictures. It was written and produced by Paul M. J. Suchecki. The show’s Associate Producer is Carolisa Pomerantz.

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