DormCo Reveals a New Rollin’ Trash Hamper

DormCo presents ideas on how to keep a college dorm room looking great with simple additions to college supplies.

Buffalo, NY, February 12, 2016 --( Once the college student finds out a Residence Hall Assignment, there can be a lot of excitement and a little bit of stress. There are a lot of dorm essentials to think of to add to a college dorm checklist and the college student also needs to plan out dorm room decorations. However, there is a lot more that goes into a college dorm room than a Twin XL Comforter and college posters. The college student also needs to keep the dorm room tidy and the main dorm item that is needed for this is a trash hamper.

DormCo has revealed a new Rollin’ Trash Hamper to make college living easier. This dorm essentials item is made of cardboard which allows the college student to throw it out after use if it becomes dirty with food grease or put a new trash bag in the trash hamper and reuse it. This college supplies item is ideal for camping, food parties, and more. This compact dorm item can be folded when not in use which makes it easy to take to a camp site or to move into college. This Rollin’ Trash Hamper even has wheels and a pull handle to make carrying to the dumpster easier and with less stress on the college student’s back. This handy dorm item is especially ideal for when the college student is moving out of college. The Rollin’ Trash Hamper can be set up in the dorm room for the college student to empty out binders of class notes and food items that will not be taken home. The college student can load this convenient Trash Hamper with the items being thrown away and take them right to the college dumpster. The Rollin’ Trash Hamper also has the size to allow the college student to throw plenty of dorm items out on move out day – this massively sized Trash Hamper will prevent multiple bags of trash and multiple trips to the dumpster.

Part of making a college dorm room a comfortable home away from home is keeping it tidy with dorm essentials such as a trash hamper. Sure, dorm room decorations are important to creating a great dorm room décor, however there are other college supplies that are needed. With innovative college supplies such as a disposable, large sized Rollin’ Trash Hamper, the college student can have easier cleaning sessions, especially during move out time at the end of the college year.

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Nicole Horning