SkyLYNX-SVR/ATA Provides Skype FXO Gateway to Enterprise PBX and PSTN

Tapei, Taiwan, December 30, 2007 --( ZiPCOM announced today Skype FXO gateways with SkyLYNX-SVR and SkyLYNX-ATA, providing Skype connection into enterprise PBX system, and in turn to PSTN. Skype incoming calls via SkyLYNX-SVR/ATA are connected to corporate PBX system, as if the users are inside the company, calling from their own extensions through PBX phone cards. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is provided to reinforce security/authentication for Skype incoming calls. SkyLYNX supports simultaneous incoming Skype calls by multiple concurrent IVRs.

With SkyPBX-SVR/ATA for FXS interface, SkyLYNX-SVR/ATA for FXO interface, and SkyLYNX-AST/LITE for Asterisk-like Skype IP-PBX, ZiPCOM boasts of offering the most complete enterprise product line for business Skype in the world.

SkyLYNX-SVR/ATA and SkyPBX-SVR/ATA allows office workers to make/receive free Skype-to-PBX calls using existing office PBX phone, and also allows people to make Skype-to-PSTN phone call with local PSTN phone rates.

Outstanding SkyLYNX-SVR (or ATA) features include:

1. FXO ports connecting to PBX’s phone card to seamlessly integrate Skype services into corporate PBX systems, and for further connection to PSTN.
2. Using regular office PBX phones to send and to receive Skype calls.
3. Using regular POTS/mobile phones to send and to receive Skype calls.
4. Absolutely free Skype-to-Skype calls from/to PBX phones.
5. Local PSTN phone rates for Skype-to-PSTN calls.
6. Multiple lines to PBX systems for simultaneous Skype calls.
7. A single corporate Skype account as a hunt group with automatic call distribution of incoming Skype calls to PBX system.
8. IVR with auto attendant to distribute incoming Skype calls to PBX extensions / PSTN.
9. Unrestricted extendable extensions lines, and unlimited digit speed-dial codes to address worldwide Skype accounts.
10. Optional advanced telephony features for Skype on PBX systems, including IVR, call recording/monitoring, conferences calls, call transfers and call forwarding.
11. Multiple IVR with authentication for simultaneous incoming Skype calls.
12. Line crash and off hook detection to prevent line locking.
13. SVR model With rack-mount server and doing without external PC.
14. Administration: console or remote management via VNC.
15. Phonebook data exportable/importable with Excel /CVS format.
16. Advanced DSP features with Echo cancellation and DTMF Relay.

SkyLYNX-ATA requires an external PC while SkyLYNX-SVR is a rack-mount model, embedded with an industrial PC inside.

ZiPCOM has been specialized in VoIP and telephony system for years. ZiPCOM is a leading provider for VoIP and Communication equipments, such as X.25 PADs, ISDN phones, and Skype-based USB phones/adapter/gateway and PBX systems. UMC, NEC Infrontia, Arima, and Siemens, are among the customer list. Please visit or write to or to Skype to: zipcom-ipex (the enterprise representative number).

SkyPBX is a ZiPCOM product and has patent approved in Taiwan.

Skype™ is a trademark of Skype Technology S.A. (

ZiPCOM Corporation
Anita Lee