ImmunoReagents Introduces LigaTrap™ Purification Resins and Kits

Raleigh, NC, February 17, 2016 --( ImmunoReagents is proud to announce LigaTrap™ purification resins and kits.

LigaTrap™ technology utilizes novel, patented ligands, designed for antibody purification. Each kit includes 10 spin columns filled with LigaTrap™ resin and buffers needed to capture species-specific antibodies.

LigaTrap™ resins bind an exceptionally broad range of recombinant, monoclonal, and human/animal source polyclonal immunoglobulins. These resins provide distinct advantages to traditional bind and elute purification resins including higher pH elution of target antibodies. With LigaTrap™ resins, antibodies are eluted at pH 4.0, which is less likely to cause antibody aggregation sometimes found with lower pH elutions used with Protein A/G resins.

“There is an ongoing need in the research, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and life sciences communities for novel products related to antibody and protein purification,” said ImmunoReagents CEO Dr. Ann Black. “Working with LigaTrap™ Technologies, ImmunoReagents is commercializing a series of innovative antibody and protein purification kits with substantial advantages over current technologies.”

About ImmunoReagents, Inc.

ImmunoReagents is a leading global manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in research and in vitro diagnostics. Product offerings include a wide range of immunochemistry reagents such as purified immunoglobulins, primary antibodies and secondary antibodies (covering a broad spectrum of immunoglobulin from various species). ImmunoReagents also provides custom manufacturing to meet specific customer requirements while adhering to cGMP guidelines and ISO quality systems requirements. The Company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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About LigaTrap™ Technologies, LLC

LigaTrap™ Technologies is a privately held biotechnology company with its corporate office located in Baton Rouge, LA and its operations facility located in Raleigh, North Carolina. LigaTrap™ Technologies is dedicated to improving antibody purification technologies, especially those antibodies difficult to purify using current technologies. Our ultimate goal is to generate high purity antibodies with high binding activity.

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