Young Orthodox Serbians Overseas Have a New Online Home

Milwaukee, WI, December 30, 2007 --( Social networking brings an exiled nation back together. Many Serbian Orthodox from former Yugoslavia left their home during the Balkan wars, and live in exile all over the world. For many, it is now unlikely that they will ever return to the home of their childhood. For this reason, a few young people in Milwaukee built a simple Web site to reminisce about a beloved life and land left behind.

They never dreamt that the site would get much attention. Much to their surprise, visitors from over 530 cities in 70 countries worldwide have been to the beta site. Today, with the global attention it has received, the site has proven its potential to become much more than a local site.

Thanks to this great success, and in preparation for 2008, has gone through a complete makeover. Based on visitor feedback, the site now includes news feeds, video feeds, a dating site, games, a Serbian gift shop, and much more.

But the most significant upgrade the site has seen is the addition of a social network section, where individuals can create their own profile, add their own pictures, write their own blogs (in English or Serbian), participate in forums, and share music and videos. offers a new online Serbian Orthodox home for young adults overseas, where they can continue to nurture their cultural ties thanks to the power of the Web.

This Serbian Social Network in the Internet allows everyone to experience a small piece of a great culture, and lets those in the international Serbian community have a little bit of that old taste of home - in the new world of Cyberspace.

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