The German StartUp Decreasing Network Latency by 60%, a new German startup promising to improve Network Performance metrics like Network latency, Congestion and Packet loss for online service providers has launched its innovative Network Performance Platform.

Mainz, Germany, February 21, 2016 --( has launched its innovative network performance platform for DevOps, which decreases traffic latency 60%.

After graduating the TechStars Berlin Accelerator program in 2015, has officially launched their network performance platform. The result of graduating the TechStars Berlin Accelerator was being awarded $1.1 million in seed round funding from Target Partners and Speedinvest.

This comes as the need for continuously optimizing network traffic, both from cloud providers to Content Delivery Networks (CDN), as well as direct to end users, grows in importance. The increase in the amount of dynamic content needing to be delivered has presented a network optimization issue. This is the exact problem has set out to resolve.

By delivering network optimization as a SaaS solution, as well as an on premise option, is available for implementation. The optimal case is delivering optimized traffic from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a CDN or an end user. is passionate about making the internet a faster place. was founded by Sebastian Spies, a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) expert, and Sascha Coldewey, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the e-commerce space. is rapidly expanding its global footprint with a focus on the growing DevOps movement. Optimized for AWS users, also has on premise solutions for the Enterprise customers.
Hasham Haider