New Site Allows Anyone to Trace Other Internet Users Based on Their IP Address, Within Feet of Their Location has announced that their free on-line tools are now able to trace any Internet user to their location, with an accuracy rate of just a few thousand feet.

Springfield, MO, December 31, 2007 --( This year, Internet security and user anonymity became one of the most discussed topics on the Internet. With the launch of sites like Google Maps Street View, it's clear that it's becoming harder and harder for Internet users to remain hidden. And today, announced that their new on-line tools have successfully been able to track any Internet user to their home location, with an accuracy rate of just a few thousand feet.

“When someone logs on to the Internet, their ISP issues them an IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP is basically a virtual street address. It tells other computers on the Internet where you're from and who you are,” said creator Make D. “I've created a series of free on-line tools that takes a user's IP address and uses a large database to pinpoint their location on Google Maps.”

The tools are so accurate in fact that some security firms are questioning Davich's decision to make them public.

“I've heard from a few concerned people, but I remind them all that there have been sites similar to mine on the Internet for years,” said Make. “I've simply fine-tuned the process and made it more accurate. I think the general public has a right to have these tools at their finger tips, without charge.”

While the site's IP locater has been controversial,'s other tools are proving to not only provide users with quality information, but save them money as well.

The site's Reverse Lookup tool is something that webmasters searching for a new web-host know all too well. After entering a web address, the tool returns a list of all the websites currently being hosted on a web-server. This information allows webmasters to know if a web-host is overloading their servers or not. Reverse Lookup tools have been available on-line for years, but they normally require a monthly fee to use them.

“Say what you will about, but one thing's for sure, you won't find a better alternative anywhere on-line... free or paid.” said Make.

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