Unveils Their New Google Crawl Tool has announced the launch of their new search engine crawl tool, which will allow webmasters to better gauge their website's importance in search engines.

Astoria, NY, December 31, 2007 --( has officially announced the launch of their new website ( and SEO tool, which can gauge the importance of any website in the Google search engine.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of ranking well in search engines for any given keyword term. While the methods webmasters use to rank well for their terms can vary greatly from one person to the next, webmasters everywhere are on a constant search for any kind of tool which can give them an edge.

SEOmeter is offering their service for a small yearly fee, and in return they monitor how often and what time of day Google visits a site. While some newer webmasters may not immediately recognize the importance of such a tool, seasoned veterans are jumping at the chance to use it.

“How often a search engine visits and crawls website content is an often neglected, but important metric for search engine optimization,” said site creator Peter Chang. “A search engine's crawling rate can be quantified by its crawling cycle (CC), which is the time between two consecutive crawls by a search engine robot. A short CC usually means that the website is "trusted" by search engines, and this trust, in turn, is reflected on the website's search engine ranking.”

Knowing how often Google visits a site can help webmasters better determine which methods work and which do not. By allowing SEOmeter to monitor this statistic, users can spend more time on other aspects of SEO.

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About offers a convenient on-line SEO tool that allows webmasters to monitor their website's crawling activities, and to collate crawling trends against their ongoing marketing campaign and other SEO strategies.

Peter Chang