VideoContent.Agency Announces a New Channel and New Show on VCN TV – The Video Content Network

Philadelphia, PA, March 01, 2016 --( VideoContent.Agency’s digital television network, VCN TV – The Video Content Network, today unveiled their latest channel – Your Own University TV (“YOU TV”) and show – Paint Yourself Into the Picture starring Coach Reba Linker.

Your Own University TV is a platform for empowerment, inspirational and motivation coaches to get their message to a mass audience while Paint Yourself Into the Picture is a show that combines teaching and on-air coaching.

As the host of the show Coach Reba Linker says, “When we look outside ourselves for what we desire, we tend to forget that our happiness comes from within. For example, when I created my own dance studio I got so excited about the programs and systems I would create that I forgot to truly design my own role in the enterprise, and I paid a price for that, despite the fantastic success of the studio on many levels. It became a runaway locomotive with its own powerful momentum, and I lost the ability to change course or slow down – I was just running alongside, trying to catch up!

“When we don’t plan our roles in the correct way, we either get run over by the momentum of the thing – leading to burnout – or we become scared to embark on any new project. And yet we don’t want to give up our dreams and high hopes – nor should we have to!”

About VCN TV – The Video Content Network

VCN TV – The Video Content Network ( is a digital television network powered by VideoContent.Agency. The mission of VCN TV is to bring entertaining and inspiring television direct to viewers and support the soon-to-be breakout-stars that make this world Epic.

About VideoContent.Agency

VideoContent.Agency ( works with professional coaches (consultants), authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners using a proven production process to deliver videos that get results and to make the process of consistently creating high-quality videos and a steady stream of marketing materials easy, simple and fun.

About Your Own University

Your Own University ( is a community of coaches, teachers and trainers who are dedicated to walking their talk and living empowered in every area of their lives ... and who want to help clients do the same.

About Coach Reba Linker

Reba Linker ( is a master teacher, life coach, and bestselling author. Her teaching chops were honed by bringing thousands of people into the joy of dance as a dance instructor and studio owner. What she writes in her books and teaches as a life coach she learned at the feet of a true spiritual master, who she had the privilege of studying with for over 30 years. The ultimate teacher, though, is life itself. Reba’s journey led her through hills and valleys, and her path guided her to seek answers. Now, she is excited to share the lessons she learned to make client’s path easier.

Reba believes that clients have a standing invitation to experience joy, freedom and abundance now. Reba is passionately committed to alleviating suffering, to helping others move past the pain of limiting beliefs and open to the joy and ease that is our natural, authentic state of being.

Reba’s books include The Little Book of Manifesting Big, Imagine Self-Love: A Journal, Follow the Yarn and The Compost Heroes.
Chris M. Sprague