Digital Marketing Strategist Lori Ballen Teaches How to Get Started with Google Adwords

Digital Marketing Strategist, public speaker, business coach, and creator of The Ballen Method, Lori Ballen, will be teaching a webinar exclusively for members of The Ballen Method Curriculum, on Monday, March 28, 2016 at 1 PM PST

Las Vegas, NV, March 02, 2016 --( An exclusive webinar will be held on March 28, 2016 at 1 PM (PST) by Digital Marketing Strategist, Lori Ballen. The webinar is titled How to Get Started with Google Adwords. This webinar is only available to current members of The Ballen Method Curriculum.

This webinar by Lori Ballen familiarizes attendees with Campaign Manager, demonstrates the difference between Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads, discloses ways to get more bang for the buck by better targeting, equating to cheaper clicks, reveals the difference in Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, and more, and offers a guided walk-through to building a simple new text ad to get started.

Members of The Ballen Method Curriculum will also receive an easy-to-follow Google Adwords Lesson Plan inside their Ballen Method Curriculum. Space for Lori Ballen’s How to Get Started with Google Adwords is limited, and reserved exclusively for members of the Ballen Method Curriculum. Members are encouraged to register early to reserve a seat in the webinar.

Lori has earned national acclaim as a public speaker, business coach, digital marketing strategist, and for her success in creating and teaching The Ballen Method. Lori established herself as a Mega Agent in Las Vegas, and then expanded The Ballen Network to include real estate teams across the country.

Although Lori is a powerhouse in lead generation skills and business building techniques, her true passion is in sharing what she’s learned to create opportunities for others. Lori has a charismatic, down-to-earth method of teaching that makes learning an exhilarating and empowering experience to grow business through purposeful marketing and digital strategies that are easy to follow and practical to apply.

Lori and her husband Richard have owned and operated multiple successful businesses, grown organically through her Ballen Method strategies. Lori and Richard travel and train other business professionals on The Ballen Method, including a variety of topics pertaining to online marketing and digital strategies that are tried and true techniques proven to garner results.

Lori Ballen’s webinar, How to Get Started with Google Adwords being held on March 28, 2016 is expected to be well-attended by those within the real estate community and other business owners who are interested in learning more about The Ballen Method of creating a powerful online presence.
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