BRICS Geospatial Collaboration Working Group Meeting of Experts Held for the First Time

The first BRICS working group meeting on geospatial technologies (BRICS-WG-GS) was held today at GeoSmart India 2016 with India as the lead.

Greater Noida, India, March 02, 2016 --( The first BRICS working group meeting on geospatial technologies (BRICS-WG-GS) was held today at GeoSmart India 2016 with India as the lead. Based on the theme ‘Geospatial Technologies for Good Governance and Decision-making’, the meet was jointly organized by Department of Science & Technology’s NRDMS-NSDI division and International Multilateral and Regional Cooperation division along with Geospatial Media.

The aim of the meeting held under the aegis of the BRICS Moscow Declaration 2015 is to promote geospatial research, technology development and applications at national, regional and global levels amongst the BRICS countries. The meeting culminated into agreement towards partnership in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation. The areas of cooperation discussed at the event were on geospatial information policies, earth observation and its applications, land information system, human resources and capacity building and industry engagement.

As known, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are the five most important emerging economies in the world today with consistent growth of GDP. BRICS countries have acknowledged and leveraged from use of Geospatial technologies for Infrastructure Development, g-Governance, Land Management, ensuring Food Security, bettering health and education services- to name a few. As BRICS nations collaborate on a number of fronts supporting each other’s growth and development, collaboration and support within the geospatial domain is also natural and important.

The BRICS Geospatial Collaboration Working Group Meeting had representatives of geospatial domain from the respective countries apart from South Africa discussing on evolving strategies of geospatial cooperation, identify common areas of interest, evolve mechanisms for common call of proposals, disseminate identified areas of interest among scientific and technical communities, evolve PPP mechanisms for catalyzing B2B relationships and providing inputs to the BRICS science and technology innovation ministerial group.

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