GIM Student Asiel Lobo Says PGDM Program Helps Developing Balanced Well Rounded Individuals

From being able to understand current industry trends and applying theory from the classroom to actual industry practices, the PGDM program with its academic precision helps in developing balanced well-rounded individuals.

Goa, India, March 05, 2016 --( After two years of academic rigour and a memorable placement process, Asiel Lobo’s describes his time at GIM as an “exhilarating experience.” Reflecting on value of his education, Asiel says, “The PGDM program, with its academic precision, helps in developing well-rounded individuals.”

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has maintained its position in the top league of B-Schools in India with an outstanding placement record. The facts speak for themselves: 22 new companies participated in campus placements with a total of 77 recruiting companies, with the entire 2014-16 batch placed as early as February 19th. Results like this only serve to affirm Asiel Lobo’s conviction that GIM was the institute for him.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Goa University, his choice to pursue a PGDM with GIM was reinforced when he realised the potential it had to enhance his skills and help him become a balanced management professional. “I got in due to a good score in the qualifying examinations, as well as a fruitful group discussion and personal interview,” he recalls.

Though life at the Institute is fairly hectic – “working all night on countless assignments, meeting deadlines on projects and presentations,” as Asiel says – there is always time to “admire the scenic beauty of the campus and those magnificent sunrises.” Asiel can’t think of anything he won’t miss, “be it the stress of daily work, the thrill of conducting events, the industry interactions or the hostel life.” As he says, these memories will always remain an integral part of who he is as a person.

Two years of academic rigour and theoretical knowledge, as well as practical hands-on experience have taught him a great deal. “From being able to understand current industry trends and applying theory from the classroom to actual industry practices, the PGDM program with its academic precision helps in developing balanced well-rounded individuals,” he explains.

Asiel’s placement journey to a role as Management Trainee at Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd., started with GIM’s summer internship program. In the role awarded as a Management Trainee, he will be “expected to complete projects in various business verticals and work on real-time situations to help improve current standards.” Elaborating on how it all began, he recalls, “I received a pre-placement offer (PPO) from the organisation I had completed my summer internship with, based on my work and my final presentation on my project.” Asiel was then awarded a pre-placement interview (PPI), which he converted into a job offer. “I do feel confident that I will be able to take on any challenges that might come my way now,” he says. “Equipped with a strong foundation of basics and concepts through these two years at GIM, I feel ready to try and apply these when applicable to real-life situations.”

GIM’s emphasis on the all-round development of students helps them to take responsibility and be in charge of situations. Asiel reflects on this focus and the different opportunities he had at GIM: “Be it through the various student driven clubs and initiatives or through the class assignments and projects, the focus is on personal well-balanced growth.” Expanding on exactly how students benefit, he says, “It is this approach that instils a sense of confidence and self-reliance that is rare to find in candidates.”

The diversity in the student body at GIM helps as well. A campus that is home to students from various backgrounds, domains and work experiences enhances the quality of classroom discussions. The varied nature of students, Asiel says, “helps drive a sense of continuous improvement and adaptation to help stay ahead and stand out. Additionally, GIM teaches you to truly multi-task and I think that’s been a major learning that would help tackle any situation in life.” Asiel continues, saying, “There can be no bar to improving and updating one’s knowledge. Use opportunities to help enhance your skill sets and that will always help you stand out.”

Sage words of advice indeed.
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