earthTV Offers Destination Live Camera Service to the Tourism Industry in ITB Berlin 2016

earthTV owns and operates the largest destination camera network around the globe, is the producer of the The World Live television program and operates the virtual travel portal

Berlin, Germany, March 06, 2016 --( earthTV offers live marketing to global destination marketing industry.

It is possible you may not have heard of earthTV but almost everyone recalls that short, relaxing TV weather segment before the news with views from around the world. That is earthTV in a nutshell: globetrotting by anyone from anywhere.

earthTV invites destinations worldwide to benefit from its live destination marketing service, and is making a first appearance at ITB Berlin 2016 in Hall 1.1 104c.

A virtual getaway

Although earthTV might seem like a tech company with all the tech talk about HD live stream, their main focus remains editorial. “We utilize the latest publishing technology to virtualize the world in its true colours,” says Nikolaus Lohmann CEO and Co-Founder describing earthTV, the largest and most innovative global live camera network. “We want to connect people and encourage them to explore and inspire the love for travel. The proprietary earthTV System is the unique medium between our cameras destinations and a global media audience. Our growing network of live cameras act like the eye of the viewer; everything our cameras witness is available on all our platforms, TV and online, day and night, all year round. In a nutshell: the world is our studio, and we spend time and provide focus to show how beautiful it is to everyone.”

What is Live Destination Marketing?
You might wonder. It does only take a camera to deliver a video of a place, but it takes more to connect people to it. Grasping the feel of the place and bringing out its uniqueness and beauty, almost like you can touch it, is the focus of live destination marketing.

But why live?
Because live is simply the most authentic reflection of any destination. Think new media, think all new apps that are going live, think bridging destinations with potential tourists. By going live you are walking the shortest distance between a destination and travel lovers. earthTV offers a 24/7 live online stream and peerless editorial coverage of each and every camera destination.

What about TV?
Remember the weather TV segment mentioned in the beginning? That's “The World Live” the most watched segment in the history of TV, leaving viewers of all generations, places and cultures in awe. Behind the simplicity of this show is a mighty earthTV system that goes beyond capturing the place by using smart showgenerators. earthTV offers destinations a prestigious reach within this program.

And advertising?
earthTV also offers advertising of destinations across all online products with dedicated landing-pages on earthTV‘s free virtual portal or within the earthTV player (pre-roll video and power link banner) on external partner pages.

Creative team
The Lohmann brothers background in visual media and editorial technology as well as their real passion for travel have shaped the company’s clear vision to be the virtual portal to the world, connect people and encourage exploration and travel.

earthTV takes a fluid knowledge-sharing approach across the company. The creative young team of technology experts, content production artists and marketing professionals come up with big ideas and bring then into being. This fresh company environment makes earthTV occupy a unique place in the travel industry.

Note to editors:

· earthTV is a well known German-based video technology and content production company owning and operating the only fixed and permanent professional broadcast camera network around the globe.
· earthTV was founded on June 1st 2012 in Munich/Germany by media entrepreneur brothers Nikolaus and Claudius Lohmann and investor Bagel Group on the base of assets (including the brand name “earthTV”) formerly owned by Telecast Media Group. In late 2013 publisher Karl Rauch Verlag acquired a 30% stake in the company on a valuation of 10 million €. To this day Nikolaus and Claudius Lohmann manage the company as CEOs.
· The unique earthTV system is developed, produced and managed in-house including but not limited to earthTV‘s own Cameras, Video Cloud, Asset Management System, Showgenerator, API, Embedded Online Players, Realtime Playout Servers for live television broadcast and virtual travel portal
· earthTV captures 280 hours of video content every day from 40 cameras operated day and night across 26 countries and delivers this content to 56 corporate clients in 21 countries on a constant basis. In a second production cycle earthTV produces 300 short programs every day in 10 different languages aired across 30 TV channels and watched in 90 countries reaching 1.2 Billion viewers.
· Recently earthTV launched the virtual travel consumer portal offering unique advertising options targeted to the earthTV views.
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