Trinity Financial Services, LLC
Trinity Financial Services, LLC

Growth of Life Settlement Industry Illustrated by Success of Trinity Financial Services, LLC

Trinity Financial Services, LLC has increase sales by over 400 percent over last 3 years.

Orlando, FL, February 11, 2006 --( Trinity Financial Services, LLC, a full service Life Settlement Brokerage firm, has had to relocate twice over the past 3 years. Each move has added square footage to their office space. In 2005 alone, Trinity Financial nearly doubled their staff. This amount of growth is indicative of the Life Settlement Industry as a whole.

Trinity Financial Services has experienced a drastic increase in sales. “Over the past 3 years we have seen an increase in sales of over 400 percent.” states Managing Partner Greg Scharfeld. Institutional sources of capital, the authorization of more and more Broker – Dealers allowing their agents to utilize life settlements and the facilitation of life settlement transactions for charitable giving strategies all contribute to the overwhelming success of the life settlement industry and Trinity Financial.

“Conning estimates that the life settlements market grew to $5.5 billion in face amount in 2005 thanks to available capital and continued aggressive marketing to producers. This is more than double our earlier $2.0 billion estimate of the 2002 life settlement market,” said George McKeon, analyst at Conning Research & Consulting. “We have seen this move from a capital constrained market struggling for respect to one where there is a lot of capital chasing a limited number of policies available for purchase.”

Mr. Scharfeld also indicated that there is still a great deal of education, understanding and favorable reception needed in the insurance and financial planning marketplace. “Every time we attend an insurance or financial planning trade show, it is apparent that, as an industry, we need to increase our marketing efforts.” He believes that as the industry continues to grow, hesitant agents will not be able to ignore the legitimacy of our industry and the benefits that life settlements provide to their senior clients.

Trinity Financial Services, LLC
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