CONNEX by Amimon Tops Product Category Sales at B&H Photo Video

San Jose, CA, March 08, 2016 --( Amimon, the market leader in zero-latency wireless HD video transmission, announces that its innovative CONNEX HD wireless video link for drones and professional UAV applications is the best-selling product in its category at B&H Photo Video. CONNEX delivers real-time HD video transmission capabilities previously only available with systems having significantly higher price points.

“For more than 40 years, B&H has been a leading reseller of high-quality photo and video equipment in the U.S. Their strong sales of CONNEX are a testament to B&H’s expertise with drone technology and the many benefits zero-latency HD wireless video has to offer,” said David Shefler, VP World Wide Sales, Amimon. “As the applications for UAVs continue to expand and demonstrate high efficiencies, and consumer purchases of high-end drones for racing and other hobbyist activities accelerate further, Amimon will continue to develop the CONNEX line to cater to these trends with our growing network of reseller partners.”

Delivering full HD video quality with zero latency transmission, the plug-and-play CONNEX is ideal for broadcast, inspection, aerial photography, crowd control and other professional applications that require real-time control of a camera and drone.

“B&H carries a full lineup of aerial photo/video platforms, from training drones to highly capable professional models, working with the leading users of these exciting technologies. The Connex product delivers the performance and reliability that our clients need from an HD video downlink,” said Christian Domecq, Senior Marketing Representative, B&H Pro-Photo, Video and Audio. “We’re happy to be a CONNEX reseller and to help our customers achieve the results they are aiming for.”

A robust 5GHz radio with sophisticated 2x5 MIMO and automatic channel selection allows CONNEX to ensure resilient connectivity at all times, free from interference from UAV controls and other 2.4GHz radio links. CONNEX’s multicasting feature supports up to four viewers’ screens simultaneously while maintaining excellent HD video. The CONNEX kit includes all antennas, cables and connectors required for air and ground unit setup.

Located in New York City, B&H is one of three North American members of the Amimon Reseller Network, consisting of 30 exclusive companies, who market CONNEX in 20 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Sara Chaput