Revolution Face Launches National Anti-Aging Centers with Grand Opening in Nashville

Anti-aging centers with specialization in faces have launched a national string of centers beginning with Nashville, TN.

Nashville, TN, March 09, 2016 --( Revolution Face, a national chain of facial rejuvenation centers has chosen their Nashville location to be the first of many centers opening in multiple cities across the United States.

Offering the latest in anti-aging solutions, Revolution Face specializes in both surgical and non-surgical procedures to erase signs of aging.

“We believe that while aging is a natural evolution of time, the time has come for a revolutionary inside/outside approach to looking and feeling our best. When we look better, we feel better, and helping as many women as possible to feel happier and be healthier and more confident is a mission we are very proud to embark upon,” said Carol Craine, CEO of Revolution Face.

One of several locations in the innovative women-led Revolution Face chain, the Nashville center is offering grand opening specials as well as a free online information kit on its website

Their goal is to change the face of the anti-aging industry by empowering women with information and personalized choices which can transform them inside and out, according to Craine. Governed by an all women advisory board, she continues, “We are a dedicated tribe of women over 40 who are on a mid-life journey. Our objective is committed to bringing integrity and excellence in helping women look and feel better - in a fearless and ageless way."

Their message is that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Revolution Face provides access to the best plastic surgeons for a wide variety of safe and effective procedures.

A full range of cosmetic surgery and interventions like Botox, dermal fillers and anti-aging treatments are available to minimize signs of aging and restore freshness and elasticity to skin.

Natural looking results through Revolution Face services can erase at least a decade and be long lasting. “Our facial experts give free demonstrations of our age-defying techniques,” Craine said.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly seven million people a year seek cosmetic procedures, often due to sun exposure, heredity or lifestyle factors. Minimally invasive treatments have increased sevenfold since the beginning of this decade, according to a survey of its members.

The latest advancements in skincare are only part of the holistic approach at Revolution Face. In addition to cosmetic services, Revolution Face also takes a holistic approach and guides clients through healthy lifestyle choices that may include nutrition, mindset, supplements, physical movement, skin care products, and more.

“We want for all women what we seek for ourselves - to look, feel and live our best life at every age," said Craine.

To learn more about Revolution Face and take advantage of their grand opening specials, visit
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