Anderson Thermal Devices Help Process Heating Firms Consolidate Costs on Industrial Infrared Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based specialist for process heating systems components, Anderson Thermal Devices is now helping firms across the marketplace reduce their expenditure on industrial infrared lamps. By offering a superior level of personalized service and by supporting the highest level of lamp performance, the company deliver exceptional results within their work and empowers firms in reducing their lamp costs over the long-term.

Hawthorne, NJ, March 09, 2016 --( Industrial infrared lamps hold a number of performance advantages over convection heating products. They heat up and cool down far more quickly, supporting enhanced productivity on the work floor. They operate at a high level with a lower energy requirement, helping companies consolidate their energy costs. And industrial infrared lamps also have a lower footprint, helping small industrial companies conserve the amount of required space within their process heating applications. It’s why so many organizations are now deploying infrared heating technology. Anderson Thermal Devices is a known leader within the process heating niche, and through their engineering excellence and commitment to customer service, they’re helping organizations reduce expenditure on their infrared heating products.

A leading advantage of working with Anderson Thermal Devices is that clients contacting the company are immediately placed in touch with an engineering expert. This ensures that work begins on the client’s infrared component at the earliest available opportunity. The company’s engineering team examine the customer’s requirements and then design their lamps according to their unique performance parameters. And because the company has one of the shortest delivery time frames in the industry, they’re able to provide clients with seamless access to their required infrared product. Anderson Thermal Devices also offers a professional follow-up service, which ensures the lamps a customer purchases are working to optimal performance within their facility. It’s the trusted service for outstanding return on investment in infrared heating components.

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