GSF Mortgage Becomes a Freddie Mac Servicer/Seller

Brookfield, WI, March 16, 2016 --( GSF Mortgage is pleased to announce that it has been approved as a single-family housing Freddie Mac seller/servicer. Freddie Mac (OTCQB: FMCC) was chartered by Congress in 1970 to purchase loans from mortgage lenders. These mortgage lenders could then replenish their supply funds and in return have more capital available to lend to more borrowers.

Freddie Mac participates in the secondary mortgage market by purchasing mortgage loans and mortgage-related securities for investment and by issuing guaranteed mortgage-related securities. They do not make loans directly to homebuyers.

GSF Mortgage is pleased to share in Freddie Mac’s mission to expand opportunities for homeownership and affordable housing. In 1995, GSF Mortgage was formed to provide solutions for borrowers pursuing homeownership. For more than 20 years, GSF Mortgage has offered loan programs eligible for Freddie Mac’s guidelines. The company is excited to expand their offering and execution of available products.

“We are very pleased and excited to receive our seller/servicer approval with Freddie Mac. We see Freddie Mac holding a clear advantage in the marketplace for products and services. This approval strengthens GSF’s overall product offering and servicing operation and provides yet another strategic option for our borrowers and referral partners,” says President Chad Jampedro.

GSF Mortgage is now approved with all of the agencies: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae. This means that the company is able to sell directly to these agencies and offer all agency products.

Founded in 1995, GSF Mortgage is an established and experienced direct mortgage lender. With 20 years of lending experience, GSF professionals originate, process, underwrite, and fund all loans. We continue to serve the next generation of homeowners with the GoGSF brand. We are focused on flexible and transparent mortgage lending and are on a quest to continue hiring the "best of the best" in the mortgage industry. With many locations, our strengths keep GSF Mortgage “Lending in Your Favor.” Interested in finding out more about us? Visit us at and check out our available careers.
Alyssa Schwabe