Beige Market Intelligence Asks Whether CommScope and BladeRoom Will Overtake Biggies Like HP, Dell, and IBM in Data Center on Demand (DCoD)

Beige Market Intelligence has Published reports on Data Center Construction and Data Center on Demand (DCoD). The recent report on DCoD throws some interesting insights on the changing landscape of the fast growing DCoD Market.

London, United Kingdom, March 20, 2016 --( In order to build data center of more than 200,000 sq. meter, on an average it takes 2-3 years. It means, the data center providers have to estimate the data center traffic well in advance to plan, design and construct a new data center facility; so that their clients won’t suffer. However, after 2012, the market has witnessed rapid increase in data traffic and storage requirement in data centers. Moreover, several web-based application providers prefer to have an edge data center from their high traffic generating places. Data Center on Demand (DCoD) is the answer to this emerging requirement.

Many new vendors such as IBM and Schneider Electric are entering the market and providing various containerized solutions to enterprises, leading to increased market competition. Companies like CommScope and BladeRoom are completely focused on DCoD to make it their next gen Data Center offering. To great extend both the companies are witnessing success in DCoD.

Now the question arises, will CommScope and BladeRoom gain market share, will they go heads on with Biggies in Data Center like IBM, HP, Dell and Huawei. The big ones are trying to gain higher market share by meeting the specific computing requirements of end-users and adopting cross sell business model with their existing customers. HP, Dell and others are offering new designs and cooling solutions as a part of containerized data centers such as, HP POD 240a, which enable better cooling of the computing infrastructure and lead to optimized performance by data center facilities. What will be CommScope's and BladeRoom's strategy to gain market share and keep up the momentum in DCoD?

According to Beige Market Intelligence the biggest strength of the CommScope is cross selling opportunities with the existing DCIM users. Integrating DCoDs with existing traditional data center will be very easy if the DCIM will be from similar vendors. Moreover, it’s customized tailored DCOD solutions, and simplified deployment, high PUE and low OPEX helps the vendors to sell its product even in a premium prices.

CommScope success mantra is lies in offering DCoD by reducing capex and opex by almost 40%. The company offers almost 40-50% lower OPEX per year in its DCoDs than the traditional data center having similar configuration such as power usage, cooling, and racks. Moreover, the DCoD pre and post-sales support is provided by the company extensively in terms of field services.

Coming to BladeRoom, it can deploy a 1.5 MW modular data center in less than 20 weeks. It offers DCoDs having PUE of 1.13 and as low as 1.04. Also, it offers dynamically matches cooling and airflow technique, it means the PUE remains consistent low whether the data center is partially or fully loaded with racks. This somewhat make the company different from its rival. Moreover, it is one of the frontrunner vendors on innovation and aggressive marketing point of view. This is a company, which needs to be watched out for next 2-3 years, to become a major vendor in DCoD market.

CommScope and BladeRoom are giving tough competition to HP, Dell, IBM, Huawei, Schneider Electric in overall DCOD Market and in its several segments. CommScope is doing good in All-in-one segment. Where as in IT Container both CommScope and BladeRoom has to gain room to top the chart.
Beige Market Intelligence
Jency Jacob