Anderson Thermal Devices Supporting Process Heating Efficiency with Fast Response Medium Wave Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based developers of infrared heating components, Anderson Thermal Devices are now inviting clients to review their fast response medium wave lamps. The company’s medium wave lamps are designed to meet the needs of clients requiring higher wattage bulbs at the medium wavelength, for precise infrared heating that drives reduced energy expenditures.

Hawthorne, NJ, March 25, 2016 --( Infrared heating technology is changing the way many of the world’s leading industrial businesses completing their process heating applications. It’s allowing companies to bring a greater degree of precision to their line processes, and enhancing final product quality while ensuring reduced energy costs. When integrating the latest infrared systems, companies must consider several elements. Cost, for example, is a leading consideration. The long-term cost of infrared heating components must be managed carefully across the industrial organization. And so firms are now partnering with industrial infrared heating specialists that can offer a higher quality of product that reduces the need to continually buy new components for their lines. Anderson Thermal Devices is a leader within the infrared heating market, and they’re now offering fast response medium wave lamps designed to support high performance heating while reducing long-term costs through outstanding build quality.

The Anderson Thermal Devices fast response medium wave lamps are optimized for exceptional performance in a full range of heating applications. Because medium wave infrared light is easily absorbed by water, the products are suitable for use in drying applications involving paint, inks, and plastics. And the products support companies in managing all application demands, as they heat up and cool down faster than competitor products, allowing firms to quickly re-configure their lines.

Anderson Thermal Devices is a service leader. When a client calls to discuss the company’s medium wave lamps, they’ll immediately be placed into contact with an engineer who can answer their questions and guide optimal component performance. It’s how they’ve become a trusted partner for a growing number of industrial operations.

To learn more, speak with the team at Anderson Thermal Devices directly at 800-720-5256or visit their business website at
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John McKechnie