Anderson Thermal Devices Offers High Efficiency Twin Tube Infrared Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ-based developers of process heating components, Anderson Thermal Devices are now working with their clients across the marketplace to offer high performance twin tube infrared lamps. The company’s expertise in high-efficiency design and their commitment to consolidated delivery timeframes makes Anderson Thermal Devices a standout partner for a range of companies in the process heating niche.

Hawthorne, NJ, March 25, 2016 --( By harnessing cutting-edge infrared heating technology, industrial firms can consolidate their energy expenditures, streamline productivity, and improve heating precision. But the challenge for many companies is finding the ideal components for their in-house architecture. The trusted specialists at Anderson Thermal Devices have many years’ experience within the infrared heating marketplace, and they’re presenting clients with a full selection of twin tube infrared lamps for use within their applications.

As a specialist within the process heating niche, Anderson Thermal Devices employs a number of industry experts. This means they can build their twin tube infrared lamps according the client’s unique industry demands. The company’s testing apparatus ensures the client’s product is tested according to the parameters within their own facility. This helps streamline the transition from the production facility to the client’s line.

When a client requests a quote through Anderson Thermal Devices, the company is able to send the quote to the client within 24 hours of the request. It’s a service that ensures companies can quickly prepare for the integration of their new system. Once the ideal twin tube infrared lamps are crafted for the client, the Anderson Thermal Devices team ensures the devices are installed with seamless precision within the company facility. They then act as partners within the post installation phase, helping answer any questions that the client has about the system and its performance. It’s this post-sale service that has helped Anderson Thermal Devices develop their reputation within the infrared heating components marketplace.

The Anderson Thermal Devices team is now offering a full array of infrared heating components. To learn more about the company and their product line, please contact their offices today at 800-720-5256or visit their business website directly at
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John McKechnie