Top CEOs Get Bottom LinkedIn Results

New Book "120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn" by Sue Ellson aims to improve digital literacy.

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Independent LinkedIn Specialist and author of the newly released book "120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn" is surprised to find that so many top level CEO’s have poor quality LinkedIn Profiles.

Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI CDAA (Assoc) ASA joined LinkedIn on the 21st of December 2003 and is one of the first 100,000 people on LinkedIn (Source: LinkedIn). Sue has been consulting, training and advising international senior executives and professionals for over eight years and has discovered that they often:

- Don’t know how to personalise their LinkedIn Public Profile URL

- Don’t have a background picture reflecting the company brand (and sometimes do not even have a professional photo)

- Don’t provide a way for the media, connections or staff to contact them directly (they could include a text hyperlink to a company online form in their Summary or Advice for Contacting sections)

- Don’t link to the Company Website in their website links (an important backlink strategy and a good example for staff)

- Don’t add the details of their experience in their Profile (even for their current role) or list their professional qualifications, certifications or memberships (essential when investors, shareholders and the media are completing due diligence)

- Don’t build their network online (to provide job security in the future)

- Don’t have a strategy or policy for processing Connection requests

- Don’t know how to reduce the number of emails they receive from LinkedIn

- Panic when they feel that their job future is not certain

Sue Ellson says, “This is a significant concern for both individual CEO’s and enterprises. It puts CEO’s at high risk of being perceived as digital dinosaurs (as most Google searches on a person’s name lead to LinkedIn) and it makes it very difficult for enterprises to implement effective social media strategies when there is a ‘bad example’ at the top.”

According to Ms Ellson, there are other implications too. “Many CEO’s work extremely hard to get to the top – but when it is time to move on, they are often unprepared for the adjustment, they lose access to all of their support services and often find that they are personally digitally incompetent. This means that they find it very difficult to source new opportunities in the future.

“Later on when they are facing retirement, they think that they don’t need a LinkedIn Profile and this makes them even more isolated and disconnected from society. They don’t realise that LinkedIn is a tool they can use to stay connected to former colleagues and associates and maintain an interest in their former career.”

The statistics are compelling. LinkedIn is highly search engine optimised for individual names, company names and post titles and yet only 51% of people on the platform have a completed LinkedIn Profile (Source:

Up to 85% of business is now conducted by referral (or word of mouth) (Source: Neilsen) and 80% of decision makers will Google you before a job interview (Source: Microsoft). It is therefore vital for people to have completed LinkedIn Profiles. Sue Ellson says that, “CEO’s need to lead by example if they want to protect their own career and their enterprise in the future.”

Whilst LinkedIn started as a professional network for members, it is now a publishing powerhouse for over 415 million members worldwide. Sue Ellson says that "It’s strategic personal potential could be an indirect way to encourage more people to improve their digital literacy and remain connected to a globalised world."

Sue Ellson has written a comprehensive "text" book on LinkedIn, condensing 8 years of consulting, advising and training into 80,000 words so that individuals and organisations across the world can achieve their purpose through LinkedIn. Watch the video at

Fast Facts about LinkedIn

- Launched 5 May 2003

- Now, over 415 million members in over 200 countries

- Has acquired SlideShare, Pulse, Lynda and Connectifier

- Revenues come from talent solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscription products

- Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second

- There are more than 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn and they are the fastest-growing demographic
(Source: LinkedIn)

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