IPC Certification Moves Quantum CAD Designers Into PCB Elite

Port Talbot, United Kingdom, January 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Three PCB designers at specialist electronic design bureau Quantum CAD have been awarded the industry’s top certification, elevating them into an elite world-wide group of designers to achieve CID and CID+ status.

Stephen Grant-Davies and Peter Walsh are Certified Interconnect Designers (CID), while Martin Jones who gained his CID qualification previously, has moved up to be an Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer (CID+).

IPC Designer Certification is specifically designed to provide a formal globally recognised qualification for PCB designers who view it as the mark of a design-professional.

• Based on the leading IPC standards for PCB design, CID involves a self-study period followed by a two-day workshop and then an exam. Designer certification leads to the most respected set of formal PCB design qualifications worldwide and allows successful designers to use the coveted CID mantle.

• CID+ is an advanced module only for those who have attained CID status and covers 40 key objectives beyond the CID. Participants who successfully complete the exam are awarded CID+ designation and join an elite band of designers who can clearly demonstrate their knowledge of modern design techniques and technologies.

Commenting on his achievement, Martin Jones said: “Both CID and CID+ courses were very challenging, with an emphasis placed on good design practices.

“It is an essential qualification for any designer who wants to excel in his field, by producing designs consistent with all manufacturing and assembly requirements at all times. It is good to know that when a design is passed to the manufacturer, assembly house and test department, it meets with all the requirements set out by each of these.”

Peter Walsh, who has worked at Quantum CAD since leaving school, said, “It is great to have a qualification to back up the knowledge and skills that I have gained while working at Quantum CAD. While it wasn't easy, CID is the first step in becoming an experienced designer, and has given me the confidence to take the next step.”

Stephen Grant-Davies said, “The course covered what every PCB designer should know, even though the test was multiple choice, it was by no means an easy exam, the questions were structured and delivered in such a way to test the PCB designers knowledge and experience in their field of PCB design. Having completed and Gained the CID qualification I now feel it will give me the legitimacy to call myself a professional PCB designer.”

Quantum CAD’s Managing Director, Steve Jones said: “There are only 53 PCB designers in the UK who are certified CID+, which makes it an incredible achievement for Martin personally and for Quantum CAD too. To have three designers in the same company who are CID qualified is also unique. It not only elevates their professional credentials but strengthens what we offer to our clients as well.

“We place great emphasis on the training and development of our designers. In a competitive industry, its one of our ways of standing out from the crowd.”

Peter Walsh and Stephen Grant-Davies are planning to sit the CID+ qualification in 2008

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