REDmeters Launches the Dredging RM2: "Bill By Tonnage"

Orlando, FL, April 02, 2016 --( REDmeters just released the new RM2, a non-nuclear in-line density meter that can be mounted on any dredging vessel. This is new for the dredging world, that has been struggling to justify contractual pricing with performance. As a result, contractual negotiations today, are mostly based on estimated time to complete the project, not on the work itself.

The company prides the RM2 as a non-nuclear density meter, satisfying environmentalist groups and the call for a greener and more transparent dredging industry. Legal restrictions prohibited the dredging world from using a nuclear device, on-shore as well as off-shore, and no alternative measuring device has been available to any dredging operation thus far. REDmeters claims this is a first for the industry, and adds it is far beyond the limitations of any other meters on the market.

"Bill By Tonnage"

The inability to bill based on tonnage creates a discrepancy in pay item between dredger and client. The red meter measures totalized mass that has moved through the pipeline. The measured result is accurate, immediate and in real-time, not subject to the perception of bathymetric surveys.

According to the spec sheet on the REDmeters website, the accuracy of a red meter is 99.7% and is measured over the full volume of the pipe. The RM is traceable to NIST, ASTM and OIML standards, to ensure accurate measurement is made. Dredgers are now able to bill by tonnage, reduce surveying cost, and can have a project completed in less time.

The real-time monitoring of the project happens on the dredging vessel, as well as on the computer network of the dredging offices. There is no limit to percent solids and thus the RM2 can handle up to 100% solid content accurately.

Peter Vandenbroeck, marketing director for REDmeters, adds: "We believe the RM2 will revolutionize the dredging industry and how it conducts contract negotiations, while grossly reducing a projects' operational cost. Dredgers, big and small, will benefit from the RM2."

Upon release, the company VanOord showed immediate interest in the RM2, for a 42" inner diameter pipe application, according to REDmeters. The launch price of an RM2 starts at $19,000.

More information about the new RM2 for dredging, can be found on the redmeters website.
Peter Vandenbroeck
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