Job Loss, Fertility Hopes and the Birthing of a Brand

How Kristy Zucarelli, founder of Urban Chic Boutique, became an accidental divapreneur

Fort Erie, ON, Canada, January 06, 2008 --( When Kristy Zucarelli found herself suddenly unemployed from her position as a technical writer, she turned lemons into a lemonade-filled lunchbox. Her website, Urban Chic Boutique, is the direct result of a journey of purpose and branding.

Zucarelli’s desire to bear children since 2000 may have been seen as a conflict by her employer. This unexpected incident, however, opened the door to the development of an eBay store, where at her husband’s suggestion, Zucarelli put up for auction an old lunchbox. To her surprise, the old lunchbox’s instant profit evolved into purchasing the entire inventory of a popular golf club, as well as an A-list starlet’s beauty product line from a wholesale center in her native Southern Ontario, Canada. As her business grew, so did the eBay and administrative PayPal fees.

Zucarelli saw this as a sign to develop her own self-controlled website. In January of 2007, she launched Urban Chic Boutique; a fashionista’s one-stop destination for skin care, makeup, bath and beauty products, hair extensions and jewelry.

“Since becoming a divapreneur, I am more self confident, self assured and aware of things "I can" do and where "I will" go in the future. I no longer wonder "if" I can do it, I now wonder "how" I will go about getting it done,” states Zucarelli. “Believe and you "will" achieve.”

Zucarelli recently launched the blogs So Totally Chic and Pregnancy Speed Bump, which chronicle the journeys of both building her dreams of entrepreneurialship and anticipated motherhood. And while she continues to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments, her newfound career has inspired her to announce two sister websites: Baby Chic Boutique and Eco-Chic Boutique, both due this spring.

“Speed bumps just slow you down a bit; they don't stop you,” says Zucarelli.

According to The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Health System (UAB) - deemed as an internationally recognized referral center - infertility affects over six million U.S. women and their partners (10%-15% of women of childbearing age).

About Urban Chic Boutique:
Urban Chic Boutique is an online resource of spalicious goodies and trendy accessories for today's urban girl, which offers the Cake Beauty, Hairdo Extensions, Joey New York and Ciao Bella product lines.

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