VIP World Medical Partners with Internationally Recognized Experts to Provide Club Service for Patients Worldwide

Bellaire, TX, April 08, 2016 --( The USA based VIP World Medical is quietly revolutionizing the innovative VIP Medical Club service. This program is specially designed for patients worldwide, especially for those with hard or life-threatening diseases, to help patients receive the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right medical care. Members can receive the world-class support in any medical specialty because VIP World Medical has already collaborated with many hundreds of very top physicians worldwide.

The patients (members) worldwide can connect with top experts to solve their specific clinical questions based on their medical records. The benefits will include five admirable objectives. First, medical record management system (password protection) - members can upload or update health records at any time. VIP World Medical will organize them based on requirements of club doctors. Second, comprehensive health management - club's doctors will review members’ medical records and provide health advice, potential health risks, recommendation of relevant examination, etc. Third, personalized health replies - members can ask club doctors any health-related questions by email, phone, etc at any time. The doctors usually provide personalized replies based on members’ medical records. Four, treatments - members can stay at the local hospitals or go to club doctor affiliated hospitals for real treatments. The club doctors will provide medical advice for members. Five, excellent health alliance - VIP World Medical has partnered with many top physicians worldwide to ensure that members can obtain any types of medical supports.

The club doctors are composed of top and very top physicians from the developed countries, such as USA, Germany, Italy, UK, France, etc. Patients can join the VIP Medical Clubs for a number of months depend on their diseases or conditions and pay the membership fee by month.

VIP World Medical is an international healthcare organization (Headquartered in Texas) to provide one stop & personalized solutions for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. It is committed to the integration of the world's top medical resources to help patients and treating physicians get the authoritative medical advice. VIP World Medical always adheres to the patients first and helps patients receive the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right medical care. You can learn more or contact us from
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