Nano-Technologist Dr. T. Theivasanthi Bagged Glorious World Records Crown

Nanotechnologist Dr. T. Theivasanthi achieves new glorious world records crown by innovative achievements research activities of “Wonder material – Graphene” and nanotechnology research Green vegetable powder for diabetes. Creation of these world records explores the capabilities of both researcher and research center and expresses to the world.

Chennai, India, April 12, 2016 --( Nano-technologist, Dr. T. Theivasanthi, a research faculty from International Research Centre of Kalasalingam University involves in the research activities of Wonder material named Graphene (Nobel Prize won invention) and Green vegetable powder for diabetes. She achieved world records for these works (, Creation of these records explores the capabilities of both researcher and research centre and expresses to the world.

In a press meet, Dr. Theivasanthi commented that Limca Book of Records 2016 features three records of the Indian Prime Minister and seven records of the current Indian government. In this way, she has tried her best to make two world records by scientific / innovative research products. It gives enthusiasm, happy, pride and honour to her. She got the record certificates on World Women’s Day which boosts her happy, as a woman and it is a proud-able moment for her.

She further added that she is interested in making new and innovative products instead of theoretical research. It is the real invention and it is the only way to serve to mankind. It is worth it to note that she has invented the world’s first super-para magnetic particles of plant materials named Santhi Particles. It is a remarkable benchmark in the nanotechnology research field which attained the prominent place in the earlier edition of Limca Book – 2015.

Invention of graphene received Nobel Prize in 2010. This wonder material hassome obvious applications including batteries, super-capacitors, printable electronics, fold-able LED touch-screens, corrosion-resistant coatings, improved cement / concrete materials, nano-composites etc. The higher price of graphene is the main barrier which prevents its usages in industries, so far. But, her innovative technique, mass production of graphene at low cost slashed the higher cost of graphene which solves this challenge.

She said that she has invented the Green vegetable powder to serve for mankind as per the advice of Alfred Nobel - Research must serve to mankind. It is a food item which treats diabetes, reduces blood sugar level dramatically and makes for a healthier life. It also serves as a source of fibres, antioxidants and vitamins. It helps to build new cells. Amylase inhibitors and fibre content of this food helps to control blood sugar level. It can be used either alone or with other medicines. In other words, it is a life enhancing product. Now, it is ready for use and sale. However, research activities on this powder are going to improve this product. The woman scientist expressed that the new higher level goals in serving mankind is her aim.

She narrated some points from the speech of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the world faces several challenges. India should think about what role they can play in overcoming these challenges. Innovation is most important for us. New research should not be just to obtain research degrees through copy and paste method. Come up with innovations to reduce global warming, to make maximum use of ethanol (for the benefit of farmers), for utilization of solar energy, to help humanity and to overcome the grave energy crisis. Students should dream to find solutions for the problems of the country and the world. Like this, she shows interests only in innovations and avoids copy and paste research. Now, she is focusing her research activities towards to invent novel polymer solar cell, CO2 sequestration & methanol production, reduce global warming, nano-bio-fertilizers and World first plants nano-materials for Dengue, HIV, H1N1 & Ebola as per Government policy. Also, she is seeking aid from Govt.

Also, Dr. Theivasanthi explained that these innovative products have been tested at various renowned institutes of India such as IIT Madras, CECRI-Karaikudi, IISC-Bangaluru, NIT-Trichy and Kalasalingam University. Mr. Raimundas, an entrepreneur from USA and Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-based local companies are approaching her for distribution of these products. Intelligence Society of Malaysia is showing interests on these products and inviting her to deliver lectures in Malaysia.

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