FEDMINE Unveils Improved Application Interface, Big Data Intelligence - Federal, Prime Contractors and Growth Support

Real time contracts and opportunities set to change the game for Federal Agencies, Prime Contractors and Growth Support Organizations with a simplified interface.

Rockville, MD, April 14, 2016 --(PR.com)-- FEDMINE™, the only premium web-based provider of reliable and authoritative federal spending data announces its upcoming launch of a new application interface that will further leverage its established position as the only source of real-time federal spending information available today.

Every year the United States Federal Government spends over $1 trillion in contracts and grants with over a million businesses, but the data that originates from multiple points within the federal spending lifecycle, is neither readily accessible nor in a form suitable for immediate business decision-making.

The burden this poses on citizens, in particular on organizations who conduct business with the government, goes well beyond the need of simply having the data, because of the need to connect spending data to all the other pertinent sources to make it viable for business use. Even if that were easy to do, aggregating data from disparate sources and integrating it with necessary logic to produce a usable information system is still, only the first piece of the puzzle.

FEDMINE provides a single source to all federal spending related information. Its powerful business intelligence platform tracks federal spending on contracts and grants from the time budgets are created, to the time a solicitation is released, to when a contract is awarded in FPDS-NG, capturing events in between. With data aggregated from 16 data sources, FEDMINE is the destination of choice for acquiring the most accurate information on federal business opportunities and competitive intelligence.

A range of specializations are required to make any high fidelity integration system today. The technical architecture of the FEDMINE solution is capable of managing and updating vast amounts of data on a daily basis. It is the hallmark of a true federal business intelligence, market research, and a decision support system combined into one product. Having done it sustainably for ten years now, organizations are increasingly turning to FEDMINE for its simplicity and low cost, while saving time and money they previously spent on efforts to manually gather data that were often prone to error.

“We championed the first fully automated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the federal sector 10 years ago, and we still remain the only company providing services in that category. The new interface provides subscribers access to a whole set of new tools with an intuitive design, enhanced filtering, and easy navigation to obtain the timely and quality federal business intelligence they have become accustomed to.” said Ashok Mehan, Founder & CEO of FEDMINE. “And since our inception, we remain the only product having the broadest appeal within the FedCircle™, because our unique capability to address needs of federal agencies, prime contractors, and growth support organizations remains unmatched.”

The refreshed interface maintains its ability to generate client customized reports in consolidated and comprehensively detailed formats. Whether downloading reports across the entire Federal Government or for one particular contracting office, the level of detail is unprecedented and the only one to offer a SaaS delivery model. From sophisticated advanced users to the newly initiated, unique implementation of web technology in FEDMINE™ allows a broad user base to gain unprecedented insights into federal contracting and awards data via an easy point and click interface.

Overall highlights include:
• Top level Organizational Management Dashboards
• Informative graphic representations of all Agency, Bureau and Company profiles
• Multidimensional views for each federal organization’s Small Business performance
• Keyword enabled Super Search with Boolean logic
• User customizable Tactical and Operational Dashboards
• Industry sector analysis for each individual NAICS/PSC
• Powerful market research capabilities
• Federal-wide visibility into real-time daily buying activity
• Real time competitive intelligence with Alerts
• One-click library of pre-developed reports (over 30,000)
• Full contact and location information for individuals in industry and government

“Our ultimate goal and mission is to provide federal contractors and government agencies the shortest path to conducting mutually beneficial business interactions through sustainable flows of valid federal spending data from reliable sources,” said Mehan.

Founded in 2004 FEDMINE.US™ is an advanced database driven web application designed exclusively for the for the federal marketplace. FEDMINE provides federal contractors, government agencies, and growth support organizations the shortest path to conducting mutually beneficial business interactions through sustainable flows of reliable federal spending data. FEDMINE.US is the largest real-time federal contract awards and opportunities database on the internet with a powerful focus on maximizing relevancy of information for a wide variety of users in government and industry.

For more information, please visit http://www.fedmine.us/fed-web/ or contact Ashok Mehan at amehan@fedmine.us
Ashok Mehan
(301) 279-7575