Thinspa Celeb Spa Director Tips: 9 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Miami, FL, April 15, 2016 --( We all want that flat stomach but sometimes it seems as if no amount of sit-ups will whittle down that waist. Before you beat yourself up, take a step back and examine your daily regimen, advises thinspa celebrity spa director Renata De Abreu.

“Many times the culprit is gas or water retention,” De Abreu says.

If you’ve given yourself a day or two to readjust your body by drinking plenty of water and exercising and you still don’t see results, try these tips to help you say goodbye to belly fat.

1. Elimination Is Key: Let’s get started with the biggest factor in losing belly fat ‑ elimination (pooping). Although De Abreu admits it’s not the most glamorous thing to talk about, the frequency of elimination is important for weight loss and overall health. It is ideal to go at least once a day, twice is even better.

2. Watch Your Water Intake: Avoid drinking any fluids while eating which can expand the food and cause bloating. In order to digest food correctly, chew thoroughly and drink 30 minutes before or after your meal. Aside from eating, it’s still vital to …

3. Stay Hydrated: While it is important to watch your water intake, it is also vital to stay hydrated throughout the day so that your body can digest your food and flush it out. Bottom line: Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

4. Avoid Chewing Gum: When you chew gum you are also swallowing air, hence more air and bloating in the abdominal area.

5. Study up on Digestion: Do some research on how digestion works. For example, milk is not necessary in an adult’s diet after childhood. Check your tolerance for dairy and look to alternate options if needed.

6. Say No to Carbs After 8 p.m.: As your day starts to wind down be sure to keep your meals light with healthy choices such as light soups, salads and proteins. At night, it’s especially important to pay attention to how you eat.

7. Abs Aren’t Always the Answer: Exercise is important but make sure you are doing moves that flatten your stomach instead of build muscle. Practices such as Pilates and yoga are great ways to tone without becoming bulky. It’s also important to incorporate cardio into your workout regime to help burn off any unwanted stomach fat.

8. Give Self-Massages: By incorporating self-massage into your evening regimen you will engage the lymphatic areas that are key to proper digestion.

9. Get Some Shut Eye: Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do. A lack of sleep causes stress and stress causes the body to retain fat. Make sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours a night. When you sleep less than 6 hours a night, your body wakes up hungrier, making you want to eat more throughout your day. To help you wind down at the end of the day, try aromatherapy, acupuncture, warm showers or a cup of almond milk before bed. These little tricks will help reduce stress and give you a better night’s sleep.

Troubleshooting: If none of these tips seem to work, then ask your physician to measure your cortisone levels. When the cortisone hormone level is high it can cause salt retention resulting in body bloat.

Maintenance: Once you’ve got the belly fat under control, make an appointment at a local thinspa® for an extra push in the right direction. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments like laser liposuction and radio frequency can help to contour the body, tighten the skin and break down fatty cells.

Be sure to stay active. Many people stop their regular maintenance routine once they start seeing results. Don’t underestimate your body’s cell memory. The body’s cells have a memory of the amount of fat retention they are allowed to have. This memory takes about 6 months to erase. Make sure your body cell memory gets used to your “new” fat intake before you fall back into your “older” and bigger fatty retention cells.

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