UTS Launches iSandBOX

World’s first interactive augmented reality sandbox for education and entertainment.

Tomsk, Russia, April 18, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Launched today for the worldwide market, iSandBOX is breakthrough equipment designed for education and entertainment. It improves concentration, social skills, teaches basic natural world concepts and entertains kids from the age of 3.

iSandBOX consists of a sand reservoir, depth measurement sensor, computer and projector. The depth measurement sensor determines the distance to the sand surface. Then, the software processes the data and sends instructions to the projector, which highlights the sand surface. This amazing yet simple innovation creates images of blue water, red lava from volcanoes, green hills and many other objects, all in one sandbox.

By combining basic children’s activity of playing with sand with augmented reality, iSandBOX helps kids improve their mental state, learn how the world works, and have genuine fun. It boosts child’s creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and motor development.

iSandbox has been tested by more than 60 schools and preschools in over 8 countries worldwide. It has shown outstanding performance as an education and therapeutic tool for special needs children, thanks to its intuitive interface that engages creativity and imagination. Sand therapy is long-known for its soothing and calming properties, and iSandBOX takes it to another modern level.

“Learning in early years is essential, but it should also be fun and engaging, as modern children usually struggle with short attention span. iSandBOX is a very intuitive teaching tool motivating children to learn for longer periods of time than usual,” says Aleksey Kuimov, the CEO of UTS.

Currently, there are 13 types of colorful games and tutorial modes developed for iSandBOX. There are 4 types of sandboxes in production: Standard, Mini, Small and Lite, varying in size and hardware. The price of iSandBOX is quite affordable for every school, preschool, science museum, interactive exhibition, children’s entertainment center or rehabilitation center.

About UTS
UTS (Universal Terminal Systems) is a Russian-based company with headquarters in Tomsk. The company was founded in 2009, uniting scientific and technology professionals to create best solutions for the interactive technology market. Alongside with interactive sandboxes, UTS produces sensor entertainment tables, sensor information terminals and develops software. The company’s mission is improving the life of a modern society by implementing useful and fun technology into everyday life.

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