The Adventurer Club - No Fedora or Whip Required

The Adventurer Club is a new social media platform that inspires and encourages people to go out and live adventures rather than staying in their comfort zone.

Wichita, KS, April 17, 2016 --( You don't have to be Indiana Jones to have an adventure. The Adventurer Club,, is a new kind of social media platform that allows users to connect with people who have the same interests. From running groups and wine tasting events in your own town, to zip-lining in Costa Rica and canoeing in Arkansas, there is an adventure for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Users, also known as Adventurers, can create a profile, upload pictures and can join groups for different activities. Adventurers can choose adventures and activities in nearly 40 categories. There, they can create events, post on the group wall and meet and network with people interested in the same types of leisure activities.

Adventurers can also add items to their “bucket list.” Bucket lists are wish lists of adventures each user would like to take at some point. “Bucket lists are a way for adventurers to keep track of the activities they are most interested in and, hopefully, are full of all the inspiration and real-life resources needed to make those dreams a reality,” said Nathan Williams, Baseline Creative owner and co-founder of The Adventurer Club.

The concept was created by another Wichita man who loves to travel and be active but didn't know how to connect with other people with the same interests online that weren't geared toward dating. This angel investor wanted to design a way for people to join up with one another that wasn't romantic in nature, but rather focused on interests and building friendships. He joined with Baseline Creative and The Adventurer Club was born.

After a soft launch in mid-March, the Adventurer Club has started to generate interest and Adventurers are uploading their own events and asking for new categories to be created. “Early on after the launch, we had someone reach out and say we needed a Karaoke group, so we created one,” Williams said. “This kind of interaction and enthusiasm is exactly what we were hoping would happen so we were more than happy to oblige.”

“We want to engage, inspire and encourage people to enjoy life, meet people, develop friendships, get active and create a lifestyle of adventure for themselves,” Williams said. “We think The Adventurer Club is exactly the kind of platform that will help drive people to be more connected, in real life, with one another.”
The Adventurer Club
Nathan Williams