The Plant Channel Announces the Launch of New Cannabis Channel

Atlanta, GA, April 20, 2016 --( The Plant Channel, an online hub centering on the continually evolving world of The Cannabis Plant, announced the upcoming launch of their official website on April 20, 2016.

The Plant Channel brings the world’s cannabis community and rapidly emerging national industry together in one location,, where everyone can discover the unparalleled benefits and plethora of uses for cannabis in a communal and entertaining fashion.

People have to literally search for cannabis information and entertainment because it’s broken up and spread across the internet. The Plant Channel solves that problem by giving them one centralized hub to discuss, debate, organize, strategize, market emerging industry products, and watch all things cannabis. “This is a great opportunity for those connected to cannabis in any way to be a part of an all-inclusive website providing valuable social, political, educational, and entertaining information regarding all forms of cannabis,” said The Plant Channel.

While the fight for the legalization continues, The Plant Channel is dedicated to showing different sides of the marijuana and hemp movement. Currently, they have several original cannabis related projects in various stages of development and production. They’re also looking for exciting, professionally produced cannabis web series, shows, documentaries, and feature films to distribute on the channel.

The Plant Channel chose to launch their official website this April 20 because it’s an important day for all cannabis enthusiasts. The Plant Channel believes, “The cannabis industry and community has an amazing voice that isn’t being heard through mainstream media. Our platform allows that voice to be heard.”
The Plant Channel
Rachel Anderson