Product Launch: Noliac Launches a Non-Magnetic Piezo Motor for Health Care Applications

Noliac’s non-magnetic piezo motor has been tested in MRI environment to ensure that the impact from the piezo motor is well below the maximum acceptable distortion level.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, May 01, 2016 --( Tested for magnetic disturbance

In applications for health care, it is vital that there are no disturbances from other electrical devices. A MRI scanner is a very complex device, which provides very precise medical imaging. The MRI scanner is very sensitive to influences from other electrical devices. To be certain that Noliac’s new non-magnetic piezo motor meets the high standards of health care applications, the piezo motor has been tested in MRI environment. The test showed that the new piezo motor easily stayed below the maximum level of disturbance.

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Application: MRI-compatible infusion pump

Intravenous (IV) infusion is problematic in a MRI environment. The use of conventional electromagnetic pumps requires a long line between the pump and the patient, which is unpractical and leads to variations in the flow rate and waste of costly medication. Furthermore, incorrect placement of the pump represents a major safety issue for the patient and staff, as it can become a projectile.

The use of a non-magnetic motor allows placing the pump close to the patient. This improves safety and makes the operation easier while addressing the issues mentioned above. An additional advantage of Noliac’s non-magnetic piezo motor is the controllable speed over a wide range, regardless of the load. With a volumetric pump, flow rate can be controlled precisely whatever the conditions.

Features of the piezo motor

Non-magnetic, tested in 3T MRI at 20 cm from the centre of the bore
Open-loop positioning possible
Continuous speed range (from 0 rpm)
High dynamics
Speed independent of load
High resolution, no backlash
No power when holding position
Doesn’t rely on friction
Wider temperature range than other piezo solutions
Low profile
Mechanical interface compatible with standard NEMA size 17

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