Florida DEP Approves NutriBind™ as part of Its Innovative Technologies Acceptance Program

Leading, technology-based environmental remediation company reports regulatory acceptance of it’s in situ sorption and biodegradation technology to manage complex, challenging environmental liabilities.

Research Triangle Park, NC, May 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Tersus recieves approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), accepting the use of NutriBind™ as an innovative technology in the treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater. While the Florida DEP does not provide brand name endorsements or performance certifications, it does determine product acceptability in the context of environmental regulations, safety and the protection of public health. These approval letters make it easier for Remediation Project Managers to specify Tersus products in site-specific Remedial Action Plans.

NutriBind™ is designed to address the challenges in soil and groundwater remediation,NutriBind™ is a powdered reagent that once applied delivers rapid contaminant concentration reduction (days) combined with accelerated bioremediation. When mixed with water, the resulting buffered slurry contains elevated sulfate along with a wide array of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and metabolites designed to increase efficiency of electron donor (hydrocarbon contaminants) utilization.

NutriBind™ has a dual function. It immediately binds and immobilizes contaminants in soil and groundwater, quickly removing them from the mobile phase. The high surface area provides a matrix favorable for microbial colonization and growth. Treatment of the sorbed contaminants is further accomplished through sulfate enhanced bioremediation.
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