Hell’o Baby App is Going to Launch in the US on May, 8 (Mother’s Day)

World's most powerful parenting service will be officially launched in the US at Mother's Day, May 8.

Palo Alto, CA, May 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Hell’o Baby (babyalbum.com) is an interactive platform for all baby impressions and family communication, private and secure. Parents can keep all types of baby content (photo, video, audio, text notes) for free and use additional services.

Service will be officially launched in the US at Mother's Day, May 8.

In Hell’o Baby parents can not only keep baby photos and video, but use additional services as well:

– photo stickers (dynamic settings, most advanced technology on the AppStore);
– daily snapshot (2 seconds of baby every day);
– printed albums (first automatically-generated printed albums);
– measurements (track baby’s height/weight).

It’s the most powerful and most-featured baby platform: Apple Editor's choice, 1st place in parental apps category and Best of 2015 in 109 countries.

For Mother’s day they have prepared 10 photo advices for moms.

Article: dropbox.com/s/u6wr04tcx8z3kia/10%20photo%20advices.pdf
Graphics: dropbox.com/sh/tinhs7fpnv5a0si/AAAFUPeWm3KhEQetSj5rb6E1a

Full press release: bit.ly/hello_baby_press_release
Press kit: bit.ly/hello_baby_press_kit
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