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Google has let go of the ads displayed on the right side of the search engine result pages. But how that changes the rules of the game for PPC campaigns and SEO services, is being preemptively clarified by DhruvSoft Technology.

San Francisco, CA, May 05, 2016 --( So, it has happened. Google has finally decided to let go of the ads displayed on the right side of the search engine result pages. But, is that good for PPC advertisers or does that bode well for organic results in any way? While different factions have had different thoughts and reactions on this decision from Google’s end. There are certain other things that need to be taken care of for SEO guys, now more than ever. And SEO services in California need to be tailored for this — taking all aspects of search engine marketing into perspective. DhruvSoft Technology has thus started working on the patterns of this change to come up with a suggestion for great traffic via SERPs, and that requires the culmination of all pay per click management and SEO initiatives into one cohesive effort.

This was further elaborated by Abhishek Aggarwal, Business Development and Marketing Head, DhruvSoft Technology, “While one might be thinking that the relevance of organic SEO services will be superseded by PPC strategies, the real-world scenario is different. SEO is an even better cost-effective strategy now that the costs of an AdWords strategy will be considerably more owing to higher bidding rates for those 3-4 ad results on Google. Some of the more aware internet users will also rather scroll down and check out the first few organic results rather than click on one of the ads above them.”

Probably this change will bode well for organic searches and the traffic generated thereby. Different age-groups treat the ads on Google in different ways, and the younger age group, in fact, can easily decipher the difference and hence is less "prone" to click on the ads. This further enhances the chances of an organic result on top of the Google search pages to generate traffic. But now that Google is also displaying 4 ads atop the SERPs before giving space to the organic results for certain keywords, PPC is something that one can simply not afford to completely miss out on either.

“There needs to be proper balance in search engine promotion practices now. The primary effort shall be on getting over the competitors on organic searches because the conversion on them is great. The PPC and adwords strategy, on the other hand, has to complement these SEO efforts, and a fixed budgetary constraint shall be put on them depending on the conversion of clicks into business. Since both of these aspects of digital marketing will go hand-in-hand now, it becomes all the more relevant to get both marketing efforts to be done within one cohesive team. Yes, we are expecting a surge in number of companies that offer both, a PPC setup-management plan and SEO, hand-in-hand,” Abhishek added.

Considering the dynamic algorithm update rollouts and the lesser concern shown by DhruvSoft Technology for that, it's no surprise that they are considering to offer integrated Google AdWords and SEO services in California and beyond. But it’s no secret they have always had project specific cohesive strategies for both these marketing efforts beforehand — approaching Google ads and Organic Search Engine Optimization as two compatriots for the same battle.
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