Culture and Sustainability Are the New Cool in Italy

Beyond pasta, pizza, and olive oil, Italians are also proud to honor social sustainability and cultural pioneers in the upcoming 2016 Nicola Zingarelli Awards.

Los Angeles, CA, May 05, 2016 --( Every year, the Nicola Zingarelli award honors the presence of eminent personalities in the world of Italian culture. This year, the special award “Non omnia possumus omnes” (“Not all of us can do it”) is honoring actor, author, and social sustainability expert, Michele Lastella.

Michele is a pioneer in social sustainability, which simply means that while working on the task of helping sustain our planet, we must sustain the social space around us as well. “Just as fracking, animal agriculture, or fossil fuels are affecting the life of our planet, the way we treat each other is affecting our social values,” said Lastella, founder of Sustainable.Media. “It’s time we understand that we are all connected to one another, and we must try to work together as one.”

The VIII edition of the Nicola Zingarelli award is a great honor for the Italian culture. Mr. Zingarelli is the founder of the original Italian Dictionary, and was born in the city of Cerignola, Italy. Michele was born in the same city and grew up working on Italian farmland, growing grapes for wine, olives, and other produce through biodynamic agriculture. He talks the talk.

Through Sustainable.Media, Michele invites everyone to be part of a culture of independent and honest media and funding such as film and publishing, where people can participate and unveil the truth about big corporate interests, geo-political conflicts, big agriculture, and others, and spread the word about sustainable technology, lifestyle medicine, nutrition, and food supply among others.
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Rebecca Warner